What sharks are the most dangerous?

About the brutality of the sharks is legendary. People since ancient times afraid of sharks, because sharks of any size can be dangerous. However, among all the sharks you can highlight a dozen of the most dangerous, which can end badly.

Sharks are dangerous not only because they are strong, have sharp teeth and powerful jaws. The main danger lies in the unpredictability of the behavior of toothy predators: despite the fact that the habits of sharks are being studied for a long time, to predict with accuracy how the shark in any given situation, almost impossible.

Dangerous shark species

Today there are more than 450 species of sharks of different sizes, the smallest can reach a length of 17 cm, the biggest is up to 20 meters. But the real danger to humans represent only some species of sharks. Recent years have witnessed the most attacks on humans great white, bull and tiger sharks.

Great white shark

This shark is called “great”: in length it can reach up to 7 meters and weight up to three tons. The mere sight of this blood-thirsty predator is able to inspire terror. If you watched the movie “Jaws”, then you understand what is involved. The reputation of the great white shark is the most grim: in 2012, the year its victims were 11 people, three cases ended in the death of the victims.

This shark is dangerous and that to see her closeness, despite its large dimensions, it can be quite difficult. It creeps up almost silently, attacking unexpectedly, it has high speed and persistence. The victim bitten, great white shark, as a rule, sails and waits until the victim becomes weak and cannot resist.

However, people do not represent for it interest in quality of food, attacks occur either by mistake or out of curiosity.

By the way: the great white shark is endangered species (there are only about 3500 copies). Destroyed people for profit, and its complete disappearance could lead to a serious disruption of the ecosystem balance.

Where: in areas of coastal temperate and tropical waters (Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa, etc.)

Tiger shark

Tiger shark, also known as the “sea tiger”, got its name because of its distinctive colouring: at a young age on the back it has dark stripes, which disappear. The feature of the tiger shark that she can eat indiscriminately all in a row – and no matter alive or this food is inedible. In the stomach of captured tiger sharks have found and everyday objects, and parts of anchors, and even tires for the wheels. No wonder the people it is called scavenger. And for the sharks the absorption in such quantities absolutely inedible items is not dangerous: not only that, she can spit it out easily, and is able to rinse the stomach, removing it through the mouth.

Tiger shark attacks rapidly, leaving the victim almost no chance.

By the way: in some countries it is considered a sacred animal.

Where: in the tropical and subtropical waters, a frequent visitor of the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico (Hawaii, North and South America, Africa, China, India, etc.).

Bull shark or bull shark

Perhaps it could be called the most dangerous shark in the world. Most cases attacks are associated with her. In addition, experts believe that not all cases were recorded as bull shark are more difficult to recognize than the tigers or white.

Males of this species are the most aggressive creatures on the planet. Active production of the male hormone leads to unexpected fits of rage, so to escape the attack of the bull shark is almost impossible. In addition, the bull shark is easily adaptable to life in fresh water, which also represents a danger to humans.

By the way: the bull shark has a high tolerance and low pain threshold, even being caught and thrown on the shore can eat their guts.

Home: This kind of shark live in the lake Nicaragua, and also has been seen in the rivers of the Mississippi and the Amazon.

These three sharks are among the most dangerous in the world, largely due to the fact that they often attack people. The danger, however, may represent other species are not so large and aggressive.

10 most dangerous sharks

So, top 10 most dangerous sharks might look as follows:

Bull shark or bull shark.

The great white shark.

Tiger shark.

Mako shark or blue-gray. Capable of speeds up to 60 km/h and jump up to 6 meters above the water. Threat not only in water but also on land. Frequent cases of attacks on humans in the coastal zone.

The oceanic whitetip shark. It lives mainly in oceanic waters, rarely in coastal, but in 2010 was recorded assault in Egypt near the shore. The uniqueness of the shark is that it is able to capture the odors above the water surface.

Grey reef shark. Dwells among coral reefs and rocks (in the Red sea and the Indian ocean). The size is smaller than the rest of dangerous sharks (average, 1.5-2 meters). It is believed that this shark’s possible to see while diving and even feed her with the hands, however, it is not so harmless: when even a drop of blood svirepeet and can attack.

Hammerhead shark. Has an unusual head shape – in the form of a hammer. Attacks on people are rare, because not so often appear on heavily populated coasts. This species is listed in the International Red book.

The sand shark. Also seldom makes unprovoked attacks, the most aggressive representatives of this species inhabit the waters of South Africa and Australia. Listed in the International Red book.

Blue shark. Indiscriminate eating habits, can eat carrion. It occurs along the coast of all continents except waters of the Arctic ocean. The color of the back blue.

The lemon shark. Light brown coloration allows it to blend in with a sandy shallow, so that the shark can for a long time in hiding, watching the victim. The lemon shark is easy to provoke the attack. Deaths were recorded.

Almost all the dangerous sharks are characterized by ferocity and aggressiveness. One to attack is quite an awkward movement that attracts attention, others are attacking indiscriminately. Sometimes to react even to an approaching shark is virtually impossible. How to protect yourself? The most effective is to use a reliable means of protection.

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