About fishes in the pond

In recent times, often on private land, you notice blue saucers garden ponds. They are different in shape and size. However, one thing is true: backyard ponds – the best decoration of the property. Many accessories to help decorate and maintain the pond in an attractive and neat way. Pumps, filters, underwater lights, water fountains are relatively inexpensive. And it allows, doing its own without much cost to build a pond on any plot. No garden can be so small that it was no place for a small pond. Even a small pond in the garden brings great joy and practical benefits to both gardeners and lovers of contents pond fish.

The beauty of well-designed pond is simply impossible to break away. It is difficult to explain why water is so mesmerizing person. Your guests can indifferently pass by the flowerbeds or shrubs, but always near a well-tended pond, especially if it is inhabited by fish. They make a pond come alive. Monitoring diving and a pop-up fish – a holiday that is extremely useful to restore the nervous system and normalize blood pressure. Respect and love, you can train any fish to feed from your hands.

But note that the content of backyard pond can be difficult. Most importantly, we have a great desire and acquire the necessary information for the care of aquatic plants and fish.

The main challenge for owners is to ensure in backyard pond better living conditions for the fish. If it succeeds fully, it is possible to obtain remarkable results – a healthy fish will be long to please vivid color and energetic behavior. Remember, the population of the pond fishes and their continued detention is a very serious matter. First of all, you need to be patient. Perhaps there will be setbacks, such as Zamora, algal blooms. However, if you are to take care of your garden pond, such troubles can be avoided. Continue reading

My aquarium

The first thing we need to think about is the size of your aquarium. Much easier to maintain in good condition a large volume of sea water than small. The minimum size of marine aquarium should be 100 x 50 x 50 cm the larger the aquarium you can afford, the better.

Technically, the organization of the aquarium with sea or brackish water is absolutely the same as freshwater. The main difference is only that in water you need to add salt. Since this water is in increasingly corrosive than freshwater, aquarium eliminated any metal objects. The destruction of the metal in the water can lead to poisoning of fish.

All items used for preparation of water and irrigation of the soil (buckets, colanders, spoons etc.), should be plastic. If you have an external thermostat, stick them to the glass and do not hang on the wall of the aquarium with the help of metal hooks with which they are sold. The same applies to the combined instrument heater-thermostat Even fixing of luminescent lamps to the cover must be non-metallic.


For most of us to use clean seawater is not possible, because either we live too far from the sea, or the seawater is heavily polluted. Manufacturers produce salt for artificial sea water at the correct ratio of minerals that the fish need. You just have to mix the salt with tap water in accordance with instructions to obtain the required specific gravity of the final solution. Continue reading

“Calypso” and the corals”, Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Described in the book “the silent world” (the shark that attacked Cousteau and Dumas is, apparently, the oceanic whitetip shark. Characteristic for this kind of long pectoral fins, the snout short and broadly rounded, with a white spot, the apex of the dorsal fin, along with a greatly elongated upper lip and a large, scalloped posterior edge of the caudal fin, in good agreement applied in the book and photographs contained in her description. The oceanic whitetip shark is common in tropical waters of the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea. This is a pelagic shark of the open sea, rarely found above a depth of less than 180-200 m. this is Probably why it was new for Cousteau familiar with the fishes of the coastal zone, and he found it difficult to identify its species name. It reaches a length of 4 m (and possibly more); noted her courage in relation to being in water people, it is considered dangerous.

Alcyonaria — eight numerous group of colonial anthozoans (coelenterates type) that forms colonies of mostly wrong tree forms, common in both tropical and in temperate and Northern seas.

Antigone — poluprovodn the widespread pink or red fish, high laterally compressed body which have in profile the shape of a rhombus. Dostigayutsya 15-20 cm, occurring at depths from 60 to 1000 m.

Barracuda . or Sea pike is a predatory sea fish, resembling the body shape of our regular pike. It has a long snout, a large mouth is equipped with in front of several powerful klinovidnye teeth. Common in warm seas, in the Black sea rarely comes in one small look. Large species reaching 180 cm in length and 45 kg in weight; there are known cases of attacks on humans. Continue reading

Golden pond fish
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Fish enliven the garden pond: for their graceful movements interesting to watch. The role of fish in maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water is usually…

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Goldfish breeding story
Goldfish History of goldfish breeding Asia has at least a Millennium and originated from children's hobby to collecting in which the housing was offered and developed in cages, in pens,…

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