Fish farm RAS

The technology of integrated fish farming and poultry

The production of fish in integration with breeding waterfowl and agricultural production in the greenhouse (Aquaponics) fish ponds favorable small-scale fish farming,as it reduces the cost of production of commodity fish, poultry, vegetables and herbs.

The best option of doing fish farming on private land (in small reservoirs) is the integration of fish farming with other agricultural production — crop and poultry farming. The most interesting such forms of combined farming, fish farming and waterfowl; fish and vegetables; fish and flowers.

The yield from 1 ha of pond in the climatic zone of the Riga region:

1. Duck meat 1.5 m 300pcs first batch of 300 PCs and second shipment total for the season 600 PCs ducks average weighed 2.5 kg. of Ducks grown for meat before the onset of juvenile moult in 60-70 days of age.

2. If instead of the ducks are geese, then the output of the goose meat will amount to 1.4 t, average linkage geese 4 kg.

3. Fish 1.8 t:

— Carp will receive 2800 PCs, average linkage 400, the total to 1.1 T.

— Silver carp – 2000 PCs, average sample of 350 g. total – 700 kg.

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Fish enliven the garden pond: for their graceful movements interesting to watch. The role of fish in maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water is usually exaggerated, while the benefits they offer by eating mosquito larvae, it is difficult to overestimate. However, the presence of fish in the pond is desirable, but not necessarily, because usually has little effect on the maintenance of the purity of water.


When choosing fish are primarily guided by the size of your pond. If you are not strapped for cash, you might want to purchase expensive and beautiful koi. Unfortunately, these fish need special conditions — the surface area of the pond not less than 7.5 m 2 and a depth of at least 1.2 m. At the other end of the scale are hardy and unassuming goldfish and shubun-cytokines, which are able to live in any, even very tiny pond — it is necessary only to ensure that in winter the surface water is not delayed by ice for a long time. Between koi and goldfish is Golden Orff, which required a pond with a surface area of at least 4 m2. Another important consideration is visibility. Motley shubunkin and black telescopes spectacular aquarium, but in a pond they are lost. Better to inhabit a pond of bright — white, yellow, orange and red fish. The most suitable for this is the movable gold zolotarivka and Orpah, because they always stick at the water surface. Continue reading

The problem of reducing the area of Maritime forests of the Mediterranean

Last week we told you that the European Commission on the environment from June 1 began to conduct stress tests of nuclear power plants located on the territory of the countries-EU members. Less than a week since the beginning of the stress test, as one after the other important decisions were taken. Colazione the German government, which followed potassimu Japan zemletryasenie a magnitude of 9.0 and the subsequent accident at the NPP “Fukushima-1” has stopped some damaged reactors in the country, decided to 2022 to close all German nuclear power plants.

Germany became the first industrial country that decided to abandon nuclear energy, against nuclear energy, which has inflamed with new force after a radiation leak in March from the nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”. According to the decision, stopped seven reactors are restarted, and a large part of the 17 NPP in the country will be stopped by 2021. The German environmental Minister Norbert Röttgen said that the three NPP will be in force during the year in the event of energy shortages. In this regard, the term of the final stop of the nuclear power plant was postponed on 2022. It should be noted that in the list of countries. first place in the number of nuclear power plants are the USA, Germany is in fifth place. 26% of the produced electricity in Germany is accounted for by the NPP. I hope that this is important to the future of our planet toccatina initiative will become an example for other countries in the world.

Have you heard, dear friends, about the existence of “marine forests”, or other words, colonies of seaweed called Posidonia ocean? The oceanic Posidonia grows on the bottom of the Mediterranean sea and is an important part of its ecosystem, saturating the water with oxygen. The Poseidon grow to a depth of 50 m, forming thickets that serve as home to many small species of fish. Continue reading

Dangerous and harmless shark
When you hear the word "shark" we present a huge toothy fish, predator and ruthless killer. But, it turns out that among 350 species of sharks are not dangerous more…

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The squad catfishes
Atkritumu fish. One dorsal fin. Pelvic fins located on the belly. In the pectoral fins and in most species the dorsal fin is spiny, often jagged rays. Non-rising mouth surrounded…

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Fish enliven the garden pond: for their graceful movements interesting to watch. The role of fish in maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water is usually…

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