“Calypso” and the corals”, Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Described in the book “the silent world” (the shark that attacked Cousteau and Dumas is, apparently, the oceanic whitetip shark. Characteristic for this kind of long pectoral fins, the snout short and broadly rounded, with a white spot, the apex of the dorsal fin, along with a greatly elongated upper lip and a large, scalloped posterior edge of the caudal fin, in good agreement applied in the book and photographs contained in her description. The oceanic whitetip shark is common in tropical waters of the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea. This is a pelagic shark of the open sea, rarely found above a depth of less than 180-200 m. this is Probably why it was new for Cousteau familiar with the fishes of the coastal zone, and he found it difficult to identify its species name. It reaches a length of 4 m (and possibly more); noted her courage in relation to being in water people, it is considered dangerous.

Alcyonaria — eight numerous group of colonial anthozoans (coelenterates type) that forms colonies of mostly wrong tree forms, common in both tropical and in temperate and Northern seas.

Antigone — poluprovodn the widespread pink or red fish, high laterally compressed body which have in profile the shape of a rhombus. Dostigayutsya 15-20 cm, occurring at depths from 60 to 1000 m.

Barracuda . or Sea pike is a predatory sea fish, resembling the body shape of our regular pike. It has a long snout, a large mouth is equipped with in front of several powerful klinovidnye teeth. Common in warm seas, in the Black sea rarely comes in one small look. Large species reaching 180 cm in length and 45 kg in weight; there are known cases of attacks on humans. Continue reading

The best aquariums in the world.

The depths of the sea a long time attracted humanity with its mysteries. It is home to bizarre creatures: unusual fish, animals, more like plants, and numerous molluscs. Besides, man explored the depths of the sea just five percent, but what we know about sea creatures that will last for many years of hard study. But let’s leave research to the scientists, and they will go to the best aquariums in the world, to get acquainted with their unusual inhabitants.

1 AQWA, Perth, Australia

Australian AQWA aquarium situated on the West of the continent, boasts painstaking restoration of the natural habitat of local underwater inhabitants. Main tank of the aquarium can accommodate up to three million litres of water, so the exotic fish, even the most enormous, is where to turn.

The main attraction here is the transparent tunnel, which stretches for 98 metres. Through its transparent walls, visitors can see schools of fish frolicking under water, watch sea turtles slow and rapid sharks.

The Oceanarium is divided into five sectors, reflecting the marine flora and fauna of different parts of the Australian coast: the Great southern coast, Perth coast, Marmion Marine Park, Shipwreck Coast and Far North. Continue reading


The carp genus, belonging to the family Cyprinidae, represented by two species — silver and gold, or common carp.

The Golden or common carp is as carp and common carp dorsal fin long, hard spiny rays in dorsal and anal fins, but is distinguished by the absence of antennae and a single-row pharyngeal teeth. The back is dark brown, while the sides are Golden with a copper tint. Pectoral and abdominal fins reddish. It lives in Central and Eastern Europe, and in Siberia in swampy, overgrown ponds, in rivers is rare. Likes silt. For the winter carp buried in silt and hibernate even when shallow waters freeze to the bottom. They are able to burrow in the mud at a depth of 70 cm and this allows them to survive the dry summer, when shallow body of water completely dries up. It sustains the concentration of oxygen dissolved in water to 0.5 mg/l, lowering the pH to 4.5. The Golden carp is one of the most hardy species of fish and in some waters is the only representative of the fish population. Can reach masses up to 3 kg, and I individual weighing about a pound are a valuable trophy.

With all the advantages of common carp, unfortunately, it is slow-growing. Although in the southern regions the first year of growing under favorable conditions may reach a weight of 20 to 50 g, in the second year — 200 and even 300 g. In the middle zone two-year old Golden carp in prodajne exceed weight 100 — 150 g. Females are larger than males. Reach sexual maturity at age 3 to 4 years. Continue reading

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