TOP 10 most dangerous and poisonous inhabitants of the seas and oceans

In the ocean there live the most different animals. According to estimates special expeditions, today, in the ocean there are about 85 thousands of different organisms. And many of them pose a great danger to humans. Get to know the most dangerous of them.

Zebra fish. Lionfish

This fish is found in the Red sea and mainly in the Indian and Pacific oceans. It can be found off the coast of China, Japan or Australia. Her body has a length of 30-40 centimeters. On the body has stripes of light pink color.

The decoration of this fish, considered long ribbon fins. Inside these fins contain poisonous needles. When the prick of this needle, the person immediately loses consciousness and is in deep shock. There is an opinion that this fish can kill a man, but not committed, no case.

In case of contact poison in the human body into convulsions, impaired heart function, and there is a risk of gangrene. The process of poisoning and time after him, is considered to be very heavy.

Cone. Cone snail

This clam lives mainly in the warm waters. Has a special poison gland, which consists of toxic substances. When you touch, the prick of the thorn, and the person from acute pain loses consciousness. It is difficult breathing and the heart muscle.

Of three shots of a thorn this mollusc, Discoteca fatal. But the clams and brings the benefit of man, on the basis of the poison they produce drugs.

Cyanea hairy

This jellyfish is considered the largest in the world. Inhabits the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Its diameter is about 75 centimeters. Her body is present in the tentacles, in contact with which, there is a hit of venom in the body of the victim.

This poison can kill small animals, but also brings significant damage and a painful shock of larger animals.

The Scorpion, or Sea ruff

This fish inhabits the Atlantic ocean. Most of life spent in various thickets and while hunting, hiding, lies at the bottom. When approaching prey, the sea urchin sharply attacked the victim, and along with the water swallows her.

The bite of this fish, very painful for the person. There is severe pain in your body gets infection.

The box jellyfish

It can be found off the coast of Northern Australia and Indonesia. Her body, coated with special cells, due to which, it causes severe burns when in contact with them. Burns cause severe pain, but their strength is capable of killing in three minutes up to 60 people. Because of the frequent deaths, it is considered the most dangerous jellyfish in the world.

The Blowfish, puffer fish, fish-ball, fish, dog

Yes, this fish has many names, and it is considered very poisonous. In the event of danger it has the characteristic to increase three times. Its nickname this fish was due to the special structure of their bodies, namely teeth.

During the search for food, it splits the carapace of shrimps and crabs and feed on them. It contains iron lethal dose of poison. This fish is consumed, but the liver and ROE should not be eaten. Despite the highly qualified chefs, in year is up to 100 deaths by poisoning this delicacy. Why is a delicacy? Because one serving of this fish in a restaurant costs about $ 1000.

Verrucosa. The stonefish

This is the most dangerous of known venomous fish. Its length is about 40 centimeters. Lives near the coast, it is very similar to normal stone. Produces poison and injects it into the victim. On contact, the person immediately loses consciousness, as I marvel at his nerve endings. In case of contact poison into the vessels, death of person occurs within three minutes.

Sincerity octopus

This octopus is small in size, lives in the Pacific ocean. Has a very small size, weighing only 100 grams. When it senses danger, the whole is covered with spots that have a bluish tint.

Iron is a deadly poison — a neurotoxin. It acts on the nervous and muscular system, and causes paralysis. At the moment there is only way to save man by the bite, immediately to do artificial respiration.

Sea urchin

In the world there are about 900 species of sea urchins, having in its body a variety of needles that assist in moving and help in the defense. Inhabit the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Their needles are poisonous. When you hit the needle in the human body, there is a strong inflammation. Deaths not recorded.


Its body length is 2 meters and weighs 16 pounds. At the base of the tail, is a special thorn that pricks which is dangerous to human life. It is also called sea cat. From his shots, the world each year affects about 3,000 people. This animal is considered the most dangerous in the ocean today. The danger lies in the fact that he is able to camouflage in the sand, and often simply not visible. It is from the tail shot of this Stingray died famous Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.

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