The rain fishing is not a hindrance

The most favorite time of the holiday from the problems of many people is fishing. Picking up the tackle and bait, a fisherman can sit for a couple of hours with a fishing rod, and reflect looking at the scenery of the reservoir. And when this is a decent bite and there are no small catch, the time spent.

Fishing in the rain

The key to successful fishing is the presence of a certain amount of experience and knowledge of the many subtleties. Of course, in any kind of fishing has its own secrets, for example, when you catch a fish on a lure that is quite different than the use for fishing usual hook.

Weather and biting

In order to anticipate or predict upcoming biting weather forecast is the most important factor of all of majority. When the weather forecast stipulates bad, rainy and windy weather, so preparation for the upcoming fishing should be more serious and careful, you need to consider.

The right approach to fishing in the rain

Among various types of fishing and there is fishing in the rain. If the right approach, the fishing can be much more effective from fishing in calm weather. First, good catch depends, if the water is muddy pond. When the water is only slightly changed color, and now has become less transparent, then this is a great sign that the bite in the rain have a good. But when the water becomes very turbid, the result is good you can not wait, just take the time.

Fishing in inclement weather


When choosing a place for fishing in the rain, you need first of all to know the depth of the reservoir, regardless of whether it is a lake or small river. Indeed, in shallow rivers in rainy weather the water becomes quite impossible for fishing, the fish is lost and cannot understand where it is your bait.

We should not choose for fishing in the rain the place where the lake and river merge into a single body of water. Generally, being in a place like this, you just make sure there are no biting. Fishing in the rain scoring passes in the lakes that have a depth of several meters.

The place designated for fishing shall be located near springs and streams flowing into the pond, again, it must be very windy


As has been stated, the degree of turbidity can also on the success in fishing is reflected. If the water is cloudy even in the middle of the lake, then take your depth gauge and try to discover the coastal edge, in other words the point where the differential depth. At this point and cast a line. In such places the current worms, which served as bait for fish.

Fishing in weedy ponds

If the fish catch in vegetated ponds, it is necessary not to forget that the fish in the pools, a good reacts to the bait. Then after ten or twenty minutes after the bait fish, you need to start fishing. We also need to recognise that periodically you need to change the bait, in particular, the dough on a worm, and then Vice versa. In case the fish became much less to bite, or just stopped taking the bait, throw a bit more feeding than usual.

Fishing on the overgrown lake

Other factors

Along with such factors as the turbidity of the important role played by the wind, and the temperature dropped the rain. From the words of fishermen can often be heard that the South and West wind well contribute to the increase of biting. Especially if it was warm rain, the gradual heating of the upper layers of the pond creates a good atmosphere for a good bite.

Fish with a slight increase of temperature behaves much better, pulling the nozzle, and every minute of these moments increase. In such weather good for catching IDE, perch and sometimes pike.

Temperature reduction

Quite the opposite effect we observe when the temperature drops in place, with the wind, which blows from the East. Fish under similar conditions tends to go to the bottom, where more stability and much warmer. So in the episode if you’re stuck under a cold rain, a good solution may be to collect their rods and wait until after a rain.

Good fishing in the rain even on a roach. The redeye is not far behind roach and excitedly try the bait. The reason, apparently, this paradox has become an undulating motion of the float. In this situation the fish do not have time in order to consider the bait. In excellent fishing in the rain is very small percentage of false bites. Wanting as quickly as possible to catch the dancing fish bait, swallows it almost whole, than happy fisherman.

Big game fishing in the rain

In such weather often catching very large fish. So after waiting the required time, a huge breams do not stand up and cooked completely swallowed the bait. Especially good biting this fish during high tide.

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