The most unusual and amazing pools in the world

The San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest pool in the world. Its dimensions are staggering – in length it more than 1 km, an area more than 8 hectares and a depth of 35 m, which allows for sailing competitions here. Any vacationer can rent a boat and make a little “pool” trip. The pool water is salty and comes through the filters of the ocean. Around the pool with sandy beaches, sand which is heated at night. The annual support for such a pool costs about 4 million dollars.

The Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

If you again review the film “lost in translation”, we can see that pool at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, which floats bill Murray. But the famous pool of course not, and that is located on the roof of a 47 story skyscraper and is famous for its gorgeous views of Tokyo. Swimming under a glass dome gives a unique natural day lighting, and at night you can admire the lights of the Japanese capital, and the starry sky overhead.

The Icebergs pool, Bondi Icebergs club, Australia

The first and only swimming pool in the world winter swimming. Founded by a group of Australian lifeguards in 1929, the club has a century long history and has about 700 athletes. The opening of the winter season in Australiathese the first Saturday of may. On this day, all the participants before the start solemnly throw chunks of ice into the pool, and then jump into it. Swimmers can enjoy the beautiful views of the beach “Bondi beach” and watch how the waves are breaking on the ocean sides of the pool. The Icebergs are available for everyone to swim, and it costs about AUD $ 5.

The Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle, California, USA

Pool Neptune Pool Hearst castle, which was built for American millionaire William Randolph Hearst in the 1920s. Having undergone several reconstructions, the castle has a Museum value and is annually visited by many visitors. Beautiful pool Neptune Pool is the main attraction of the castle is surrounded by the authentic Roman sculptures and decorated with Egyptian frescoes. Guided tour of the castle costs an average of $ 20, a private visit will cost about 750 USD.

The Badeschiff, Germany

Badeschiff (translation- “the bathing ship”) is perhaps the most extraordinary pool in the world. To create it simply an old barge converted into a swimming pool – thus solving the problem of dirty water in the river spree. And Berliners and guests of the city enjoy visiting the pool, which in summer is possible to swim under the open sky and panoramic views of the city, and in winter covered awning and becomes a “floating sauna”.

The Golden Nuggеt, USA

If you want extreme relaxation and you are not afraid of the inhabitants of the sea depths, this pool is what you need – five species of sharks, rays and many fish swim along with the guests in the pool. The pool has three levels and is equipped with a special glass tube, where swimmers race inside the Oceanarium, which naturally protects tourists from sharks.

In addition there are many slides, waterfalls and other water sports. It’s Las Vegas!

The Joule hotel in Dallas, USA

Unusual and you can tell the secret pool. A lot of rumors and at least of reliable information (even journalists are not allowed to just capture the pool). It only remains to stay in a five star Spa hotel Joule and myself to a dip in the pool, literally hanging from the tenth floor and offering great views of Dallas and the Dallas residents accordingly:)

Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium

The deepest pool in the world with a maximum depth of 33 meters. Great for divers and is famous for constant water activities for its many visitors.

The Alila Ubud Pool Bali

Extraordinary pool with calm, emerald green water seemed to hover above the valley of the rushing river Ayung, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable views of Bali. In tropical forests, it is a haven for travellers seeking inspiration and peace.

Harbour Plaza Hotel Swimming Pool Hong Kong

Outdoor pool at Harbour Plaza is one of the most luxurious in the world. Unforgettable views of Victoria harbour and the numerous skyscrapers of Hong Kong, which opens from the height of 23 floors, while swimming will not leave indifferent any visitor.

The Gellert Swimming Pool Budapest, Hungary

The thermal bath Gellert is more like a Cathedral or Gothic building. Pools decorated with stained glass, frescos and sculptures in the style of “art Nouveau”. The whole complex includes 13 beautiful pools of hot sulphurous water. The water temperature is above 40 degrees and possesses many curative and health properties.

The Pimalai Resort swimming pool, Thailand

The pool at the Pimalai resembles the outskirts of the temple. In reality this is a large and unique swimming pool with crystal clear water, which is located fifty meters above sea level and is interrupted in the void. During the voyage the extraordinarily beautiful overview of the nature, the sea and the beach.

Ocean Dome, Sihaya, Japan

Ocean Dome is the world’s only indoor beach and Grand pool complex – the water Park, designed for simultaneous stay of about 10 thousand people, with a heated volume of “ocean” about 14 thousand tons of water! It supports a unique microclimate with the ideal indicators: the temperature of the air at the beach Ocean Dome is 30 degrees Celsius, the water temperature is in the range of 26-28 degrees and the water is very clean, the sand on the beach marble. Transparent Ocean Dome roof equipped with a sliding mechanism, which depending on weather conditions, open or closed, and the height of the dome is about 38 meters.

The human potential is limitless, and human ideas is truly amazing, probably each year will appear more and more unusual, amazing, beautiful pools and water parks, and we will acquaint you with them.

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