The most beautiful aquarium fish

Acará turquoise
The body of the fish are massive and high. Akari turquoise color varies from silver to green with a turquoise shimmer. On the Gill covers and the face are wavy lines of turquoise color, and the center of the body is irregularly shaped dark spot. On the dorsal and the caudal fin is wide edging.
Astatotilapia Burton
astatotilapia Burton
The body color is variable. The main color from gray to reddish-yellow, can be brown, side with blue, green or purple sheen. Through the eye is a vertical black strip, the same strip on the forehead and the muzzle. Lips bluish. On the side, depending on the environmental conditions and condition of the fish may see the pattern of longitudinal and
transverse bands of different saturation.

Zebra pink
Pink Zebra is a small, brisk, big-bellied beauty. Their flock will give Your aquarium a joyful, life-affirming pink mood. Very nice look fish on a blue background.
Veiltail can be called the Queen of goldfish.
The hem of her fins will look great in Your aquarium.
Vualehvostki short, high, rounded egg-shaped body and large eyes. The head is large. Coloration of vualehvostki is variable — from plain Golden brown to bright red or black.

Well-known, popular and incredibly beautiful, small aquarium fish. The beauty and diversity of the caudal fin is noteworthy and places in Topeka the most beautiful fish.

Pearl gourami
A representative of labyrinth fish aquarium.
Body high gourami, longer in length, flattened laterally. Color pearl gourami silver-violet mother-of-pearl with countless spots (pearls) scattered all over the body and fins.

The goddess of akvariumnih world, a fascinating beauty. But unfortunately, like all Goddesses, a very capricious! The body is brown with vertical blue stripes. The whole body is decorated with numerous blue streaks.
Pelmatochromis or Parrot
pelmatochromis fish parrot
Small and beautiful representative of the cichlids. Received this nickname due to the similarity with the bird parrot. Dyed fish are very beautiful. The male has brown back, sides bluish color tint, the abdomen reddish (especially in females).
Cockerel, or betta Fighting fish
betta fish cock
Very, very beautiful fish, its Pancevo-ruseckii fins just admire. The color of the fish variety. Most common ink color with a reddish tint. Males are colored much brighter fins longer than females.

But the bright representative of the South American cichlids. Angelfish over the hill called the angel fish. Its elegance will not go unnoticed!
Angelfish color variety: black, white, silver, greenish grey, etc. around the body pass four stripes, one stripe runs through the eye.

Chromis butterfly
This little fish has a beautiful “crown on the head” and the color is decent.
The body color is yellow with a blue sheen. The front part of the back reddish-brown. The throat, breast and abdomen Golden brown. The eye crosses the black lateral stripe. The whole fish covered with iridescent blue, green dots and spots. Fins are transparent with a red border. Closer to head back fin has a deep black color (crown).

Tsihlazomy severum
The body color is nigrofasciata severum vary from yellowish – green to dark brown. Scales covered with yellow, pink or brown spots that create a pattern on the body.

Black-striped cichlasoma
At first glance, a small black fish. But if you look closely, it becomes clear that this fish “the Queen business-style”. The head is large, eyes large, lips thick. The body and fins cichlasoma painted in greyish-blue bluish color. Along the body are 8-9 black bars.

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