The best aquariums in the world.

The depths of the sea a long time attracted humanity with its mysteries. It is home to bizarre creatures: unusual fish, animals, more like plants, and numerous molluscs. Besides, man explored the depths of the sea just five percent, but what we know about sea creatures that will last for many years of hard study. But let’s leave research to the scientists, and they will go to the best aquariums in the world, to get acquainted with their unusual inhabitants.

1 AQWA, Perth, Australia

Australian AQWA aquarium situated on the West of the continent, boasts painstaking restoration of the natural habitat of local underwater inhabitants. Main tank of the aquarium can accommodate up to three million litres of water, so the exotic fish, even the most enormous, is where to turn.

The main attraction here is the transparent tunnel, which stretches for 98 metres. Through its transparent walls, visitors can see schools of fish frolicking under water, watch sea turtles slow and rapid sharks.

The Oceanarium is divided into five sectors, reflecting the marine flora and fauna of different parts of the Australian coast: the Great southern coast, Perth coast, Marmion Marine Park, Shipwreck Coast and Far North.

2 Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Smybols aquarium in Europe is located in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Main tank this huge tank holds five million litres of water. In this case, around the main building of the aquarium are four small pavilion, in which you can see the inhabitants of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans, as well as the underwater inhabitants of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Only in the Lisbon Oceanarium has about 8000 marine animals and 500 species of plants. Besides many species of fish, including sharks, Moray eels, barracudas and other predators, here you can see marine mammals such as sea otters, and even birds, such as gulls and penguins.

The main pride of the Oceanarium in Lisbon can be called a big fish-the moon. Reaching three metres in diameter, this fish is extremely whimsical to the environment, so not every aquarium is able to afford to maintain such a miracle of nature.

3 The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan

Opened in 2002, the Oceanarium “Okinawa churaumi aquarium”, located, as you might guess, on the Japanese island of Okinawa, which until recently was the largest Oceanarium in the world. The volume of the main tank is 7.5 million litres of water.

Speed the building of the Oceanarium is divided into three sectors, leading downwards, each of which displays the underwater life of the Okinawan coast at a certain depth. First there is a section of shallow water, which presents the world’s largest collection of living corals in captivity. Here you can watch species of echinoderms such as sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sea stars. Of course, in the water gliding flocks of colorful fish that live near the surface of the water.

Down below, visitors can see the inhabitants of the more serious depths of the East China sea, washing the shores of Okinawa. In the warm waters of the Kuroshio current by whale sharks, which are presented in the aquarium as much as three instances, rays, among which highlights “sea devils” – manta rays and other interesting and unusual sea creatures. Just the aquarium is inhabited by 16 thousand individuals of 80 species of marine animals.

The third level introduces visitors to the marine life living at depths from 200 to 1000 meters. It’s bizarre and sometimes creepy creatures, which can be seen in every aquarium.

Okinawa the aquarium is really something to be proud of. It is one of three aquariums in the world where there are habitats for whale sharks. Besides, this is the only aquarium where manta rays breed in captivity.

4 The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA, USA

The largest aquarium in the world is located in United States. Located in the capital of Georgia, Atlanta, this aquarium is a real record — the volume of its reservoir is 31 million litres of water. It is home to 100 thousand individuals of 500 different species of marine animals.

The Atlanta aquarium is divided into 60 thematic sections, the largest of which is home to four whale sharks. However, the more popular the manta ray Nandi, who was found entangled in the protective nets designed to protect swimmers from sharks.

Located in Atlanta, the aquarium is not only an educational institution but also a serious research center, where scientists are studying marine life.

The aquariums, which are many around the world, allow everyone to see the life of the deep sea, while remaining dry. Perhaps after learning more about ocean creatures, people will become more careful with their natural habitat. Because such a diversity of unique animals in the oceans, perhaps, not anywhere else.

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