The attack of predatory fish

Fifty people were injured on one of the beaches of Argentina because of the attacks of a school of hungry palomat . It is a predatory fish, very similar to piranhas.

The victims, almost became lunch for the river monsters to escape the heat, peacefully bathed in the river in the city of Rosario, located in the center of Argentina.

The attack of predatory fish did not go unnoticed. Local rescue services reported that fish suddenly attacked the swimming people and biting their hands and feet, and one seven-year-old girl lost part of a finger.

According to experts, the reason for this aggressive behavior of palomat that often occur on the Parana river, it’s a heat wave in the region. The air temperature in Argentina in the last days was around 40 degrees Celsius. Holidaymakers warned nearby areas, appropriate signs posted.

Of predatory fish. Sharks

The vast majority of predatory fish found in tropical and subtropical areas, but a few species live in the temperate zone. Among large predatory fishes has become best known sharks, twenty families which includes more than 250 species.

The most dangerous to humans are four species of shark is the great white shark . or “man-eater”, reaching a length of 12 meters,

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This thing will be larger barracudas — Moray eels sometimes reaching more than three meters in length. You can find it on flattened sides of the body. Hunting, Moray eel lurks in the thickets of corals, in caves and under rocks. The predator’s teeth, contrary to popular belief, is not poisonous, besides meat caught morays very edible.


A sailboat can injure swipe of his sword, which allocates specific mucus. On the site of the lesion after a while formed an ulcer, a tendency to rapid suppuration, which could lead to blood poisoning.

Some fish can hit a person (except their appearance and teeth) electric. These include the electric eel . electric catfish, and some species of stingrays and sea foxes, which are widely distributed in tropical and temperate regions of the oceans.

Electric eels and rays are capable of delivering discharges electric current with voltage of 400 volts.

Poisonous shellfish

The geographic cone . Very dangerous to humans, poisoning affects the respiratory system, resulting in asphyxia and cardiac arrest. The clam is a beautiful creamy white colour with brown stripes and spots.

Tulip cone . His shell is blue, red or pink karicevog covered with brown or white spirals and dots.

Textile cone . Its brilliant shell decorated with patterns of white and brown spirals and dots.

The striped cone . Affects the heart muscle. On the pink shell is visible a beautiful pattern of brown spots.

Cone Palace is highlighted with black sink with white polygons.

Terebra . shell which has the shape of a narrow cone, on which many white spots on a black or brown background, is also quite poisonous, so avoid it.

Poisonous jellyfish

The poison from the jellyfish, especially in some species is stronger than the most dangerous snakes. For example, the venom of box jellyfish is fatal in just less than half a second.

Actinium has a pretty bright colouring, resembling a very pretty sea flower, but the touch to it is fraught with a sharp burn. First there is a little swelling, then the skin is necrotic (turning into dead tissue), a headache, weakness and fever. Actinium pink lives North of Iceland and off the coast of France and the Mediterranean sea. Actinium ordinary lives in the East Atlantic, in the Black, Azov and Mediterranean seas.

Gonionemus has a transparent body, up to 40 mm in diameter, in the form of a bell, the edges of which descend about a hundred tentacles. You also see four reddish-brown canal, forming a cross and it is called “brestovica”. It is found in thickets of sea grass. When you touch the tentacles there is a sharp pain, the skin is red, covered with white bubbles. Then there is the choking, pain in the joints of the fingers, which gradually go numb and lower back, shortness of breath. The acute period is stretched to 5 days and then the soreness gradually disappear.

Coral polyps are not life-threatening, but meeting with them, if touched, causes severe pain that does not stop within an hour or two. Burning the coral found in the Red and Caribbean seas, Indian and Pacific oceans. The consequences of touching them manifested long non-healing ulcers. But to protect yourself from them can be quite simple: through an ordinary cotton gloves.

Glowing jellyfish often found off the coast of the Adriatic. Her touch causes in man a burning pain, and sometimes painful shock, from which it is possible to die.

Sea wasp is the size of the bell is about twenty centimeters. From the bottom corners of its cubic body are four outgrowth. Each one, in turn, is subdivided into several processes and, as a result, the sea wasp can have up to 80 tentacles up to a meter long.

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