Tackle and methods of fishing

Fishing is the main topic of conversation 80% of the male population. Discuss fish biting, what kind of attachment she now takes and in what places. The word “fishing” can be heard on buses, in trains, at bus stops and stations, on the streets from passers-by. Anglers can be found at any time of day, in any season, in any weather.

This website is designed for a wide range of audiences. Novice anglers will find many instructive and useful. Here and advice on how to be better prepared to go fishing, how to find places to improve your gear and how to choose lures. An experienced angler certainly would be interesting to know what will be the fishing in the city, new and unusual ways of fishing.

Fishing described in magazines, books, brochures, about fishing publish informative articles. Earlier fishing was the theme for fairy tales, for example, “the Tale of the fisherman and the fish” by A. S. Pushkin, Russian folk tales, it is enough to recall the famous words of one of them: “Caught a fish big and small…” and the tale about Emelya, who pulled out of the hole most of the magic pike.

Fishing Dating in the jokes, there is in the legends. Also, there are amusing stories told by the fishermen there and fishing signs, fish fishing can not be taken is not lucky, will see a woman with an empty bucket – the same fate. We can say that fishing is a real fishing folklore.

For every angler fishing is a mystery, because even the most experienced angler, going fishing, really knows what will be the fishing. A true angler is thinking about fishing: in advance prepare all gear, so as not to lose precious time, long and carefully chooses the place of fishing. Year round angler no rest, all he could think about is fishing, about fishing all his conversations, and only real anglers can understand each other. Fisher is not afraid of a rainy morning, not very cold nights, strong winds or severe frosts – fishing Pushcha captivity.

The happy moments, minutes, hours spent on fishing is the best recreation. Fishing is when a fisherman has the whole day to sit in the boat, nor eat, nor drink, only to watch the water and on the float. Even no matter how much fishing catch fish – a lot or a little. Days spent fishing, just transform. The angler feels stronger, more confident, more resilient and younger.

The nature effect is very beneficial. Her beauty, purity amazing. Fishing trips like that thanks to them, the angler knows new places, new people, and their conversations about fishing expressive, far from boring urban standards. During these trips anglers get acquainted with so many interesting people, learn so many new lives. And fishing! They attract people of different ages and professions: students, businessmen, workers, soldiers, artists and scientists. More learning, what is fishing, the angler feels sharper, loves nature and people.

Fishing, fishing, fishing. Every angler knows about fishing, what fish he is catching, but don’t know which one will catch and get caught there at all and what will be the fishing?

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