Fish enliven the garden pond: for their graceful movements interesting to watch. The role of fish in maintaining the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the water is usually exaggerated, while the benefits they offer by eating mosquito larvae, it is difficult to overestimate. However, the presence of fish in the pond is desirable, but not necessarily, because usually has little effect on the maintenance of the purity of water.


When choosing fish are primarily guided by the size of your pond. If you are not strapped for cash, you might want to purchase expensive and beautiful koi. Unfortunately, these fish need special conditions — the surface area of the pond not less than 7.5 m 2 and a depth of at least 1.2 m. At the other end of the scale are hardy and unassuming goldfish and shubun-cytokines, which are able to live in any, even very tiny pond — it is necessary only to ensure that in winter the surface water is not delayed by ice for a long time. Between koi and goldfish is Golden Orff, which required a pond with a surface area of at least 4 m2. Another important consideration is visibility. Motley shubunkin and black telescopes spectacular aquarium, but in a pond they are lost. Better to inhabit a pond of bright — white, yellow, orange and red fish. The most suitable for this is the movable gold zolotarivka and Orpah, because they always stick at the water surface.


When buying fish at the store or market, choose their appearance. Remember that you need healthy fish caught in the pond sick fish can infect all the others. Bright color indicates good health — this fish can only be imported recently from abroad. Experts define a healthy fish with erect dorsal fin, bright color eye, the integrity and mobility scales. Never buy fish with white spots on the scales.

Fish bought in the late spring — early summer, when the water temperature in the pond will reach at least 10 s. it is Better to buy fish of medium size (8-12 cm) — care for smaller fish associated with some difficulties, while larger fish are more expensive and quite difficult to get used to new conditions. Buy multiple copies of the same species, as in solitude, fish are restless. Buy from reliable suppliers who will be able to put fish in plastic bags with water saturated with a sufficient amount of oxygen. Large fish are best put into separate packages. When Packed properly, if not to keep bags in the sun and the water is cool, fish can live in service to 36 hours.


The number of fish in a pond depends on the saturation of water with oxygen, and this is due to the surface area of the pond. Usually when the population of the pond fish adhere to the following rule: 0.1 m 2 of the surface water shall be 2.5 cm of body length of fish. When the density of the fish are not crowded and have enough oxygen. At first it is better to run in a pond of goldfish and shubunkin, you can later add other fish species. Carp koi other regulations — one fish at 2.5 m 2 .


The pond is ready to move the fish one month after planting in a plant. On the way home from the store, the fish are kept in the dark and the cool. Home package with the fish dipped in the pond, in Sunny weather, cover the top of the newspaper. An hour later, unleashing a package and add in some water from the pond. Leave the fish in the bag for another ten minutes, then gently release into the pond. Usually fish for several days running, hiding among the plants, do not attempt to lure them out.


The fish themselves, find their own food, but if in the spring and summer when they are most active, to feed them, they will grow better and less afraid. Koi can be trained there. Do not overfeed the fish once or twice a day give them this food that doesn’t sink, and after 5 minutes, remove from the water surface at the uneaten portion. Fish can be left safely without food for the duration of your vacation — they will take care of itself.


Goldfish were bred in China from a silver crucian of about a thousand years ago, but it came to Europe only three hundred years ago. At present there are many breeds of this fish, which for convenience can be divided into two groups. Pond goldfish can winter in the pond, provided that the surface does not stay for long in the winter of entirely one ice. In ornamental goldfish beautiful forked tails; with the onset of cold weather they must bring into the room, and some of the most ornamental species are not able to spend the winter in open water even in areas where there are no harsh winters.


The most popular is affordable, reliable and colourful, the usual goldfish. She has short fins, the ends of the caudal fin is rounded, scales are shiny, with a metallic sheen, the color is usually Golden-red. There are rocks of different colors — yellow ‘ Canaries ‘, a matte cream-white ‘ Pearls ‘” spotted ‘ Orioles ‘. Under favorable conditions and in a spacious pond gold fish can reach 40 cm in length and live up to 20 years. Reach sexual maturity when body length is 12-15 cm during spawning (April – July) the males have Gill covers and fins appear small whitish bumps. The most obvious sign of the onset of the spawning season is sight chasing the females and nudging them with his snout male.

Shubunkin — breed of a goldfish. They have almost translucent scales and smooth, painted in white, yellow, red, blue, purple and black color leather. The most popular fish with a blue coloration. Often sell varieties shubunkin — London shubunkin body shape is similar to regular goldfish, Bristol shubunkins larger tail fin.

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