Marine aquarium on Clean ponds

In the zoo you can see animals in the Park — to relax and have fun, and the Sea Aquarium on Clean ponds, offers its guests both. This amazing Playground, where instead of swings and slides of the beauty of the jellyfish and coral reefs.

This is one of those places where no one is bored. Not every day you can travel around the world and to live to see a collection of amazing creatures that live under water. Adults are able to maintain composure, and children delight lose control of themselves and are worn from the aquarium to the aquarium.

Some residents of the aquarium has been a notable success. Everyone wants to hold a sea star because it grants treasured desires, simply mentally say it. They say it is more reliable goldfish.

But the most interesting in “Marine Aquarium”. It’s a fascinating walk near the most beautiful, wonderful, mysterious and strange creatures on our planet. The tour guides know very well how to interest the children. But it’s not just a walk: it makes children kinder, learns to appreciate and love nature.

Jellyfish are still poorly understood. Scientists don’t know how those guided, not having the eyes, ears or nose. The length of tentacles of some of them is 36 metres is the height of the ten-storied house, and the diameter of the dome is about 12 meters. Jellyfish “Marine Aquarium” not so large,but it was exactly the same elegant. It seems that they learned as a kid so gracefully swaying in the water and get my umbrella sparkle with different colors.

Octopuses, piranhas and a submarine – on land it does not happen

Have you ever seen an octopus, which has more outfits than Paris fashionista? He changes them without thinking, and mood. And even on land are not live jellyfish. They hang so gracefully in the water column, touching tentacles and shaking her domes luxury that is hard to look away and move on. Piranha also do not live on land, and it was good. Who would have thought that these ugly modest fish have the same appetite that even the crocodiles prefer to stay away from them?

Actually, piranhas are timid and rarely attack people. The inhabitants of the banks of the Amazon usually scare them off, slapping at the water with a big branch. However, from hungry piranhas so easy to not get. Adult fish weigh about a kilogram and a snack thick sticks like toothpicks. They eat quickly, but you know the measure of obesity for them. But the most interesting is the piranhas know how to bark.

The pride of the Oceanarium is a 25-metre circular bathyscaphe with the real sharks. It’s dark and a little scary, because sharks are favorite characters of horror films. Children become silent, when the room light changes the shade of the bathyscaphe, and the foamed water glass some of the oldest predators on the planet. They have no natural enemies, no one wants to mess with toothy fish with a length of almost 2 meters.

Exotic fish Marine Aquarium

In “Marine Aquarium” 300 aquariums, which is home to over 1,000 exotic fish from around the world: from the African lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, Brazilian Amazon, tropical seas and all four oceans. Buck with colourful scales and a long, beautiful fins, parrot fish, fish doctor, restless amazingly beautiful coral fish — all ready to receive young guests. And guests feel at home, enthusiastically looking at the owners.

Them here is interesting: what do clown fish? Why the lionfish is more like a pincushion with needles than on lion? Is it possible to podudet on marine whistles? Not all answers are in encyclopedias and textbooks, but the tour guides seem to know everything. Even parents secretly listen, pretending all already know — they’re adults and experienced.

In the aquarium live characters from popular children’s cartoons: a thousand Sami, the clownfish Nemo with his brothers, flounder — faithful friend of the little mermaid Ariel. Giant Moray Marusya welcomes all visitors with a wide smile in all the fall. Remember the predator from the movie “Alien”? Marusya, too, two jaws, and they always catch prey. Well, she’s good. Moray eels attack people only if they are angry.

Studied Marine Aquarium with pleasure

No books, even with color images will not replace the tours of the aquarium. Walking is much more interesting than cramming a Chapter of a textbook. All parents are excellent guides, even if you know no more than children. On each tank there is a plate with a detailed description of all marine inhabitants. From there you can learn a lot of interesting information: who is tending the fish-cow? Can live together fish-the cat and the fish-dog? Whether grain sea cock?

Even the best picture will not replace the appearance of this coral reef in an aquarium with a volume of 8 tons. It is the younger brother of huge reefs, which are visible from space. They form a high seamounts and Islands is the greatest creation of nature. Yes, they live! The reefs are accumulations of millions of tiny corals and polyps.

But vosmitonnaya reef just a baby compared to the giant weight of 20 tons. It is so great that it is necessary to consider in parts. Around the reef swim normal for the tropics, but not for Moscow colorful fish, sea anemones grow and the underwater greenery. This is a true underwater megalopolis. Experiences children have at least few weeks.

Special energy in the Maritime Aquarium

It is a special place. Those who comes here, come back fresh and vigorous, full of energy, if just vacationing on an island in the Pacific ocean and was swimming near the coral reef. The blue light of the hundreds of aquariums works wonders. Children don’t want to leave — there’s too much interesting, and the trip could be for a couple of hours longer.

When to come?

The sea aquarium on Clean ponds is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00. On Tuesdays and Fridays show of feeding sharks and eels — they greedily tear off and swallow huge chunks of meat, like a real hunt. Entrance tickets cost from 150 to 350 roubles, excursion — 300 rubles on weekdays and 380 weekend.

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