The squad catfishes

Atkritumu fish. One dorsal fin. Pelvic fins located on the belly. In the pectoral fins and in most species the dorsal fin is spiny, often jagged rays. Non-rising mouth surrounded by tendrils. The jaws teeth. Body naked or covered with bony plates. Many have an adipose fin.

The inhabitants of the mainly tropical and subtropical freshwaters of South and Central America, Africa and Asia.

The squad consists of 20-30 families and over 1,200 species. 2 family of marine fish.

The Catfish Family – Siluridae

Body naked, elongated. Adipose fin not. The head is flattened, the mouth large, polverini. Dorsal fin short (not more than 5 rays). Anal fin long, not less than 70 rays. These freshwater and brackish-water predatory fish with spring and summer spawning. They live in fresh water in Europe and Asia, in addition to the basin of the Arctic ocean.

The family includes 8 genera, 2 of which are found in our country.

Rod Catfish – Silurus. Antennae 3 pairs. Thorn in the pectoral fin is smooth.

The genus includes 2 species.

Com S. glanis Linne, 1758. Front mandibular barbels shorter than the back. Spiny rays of the pectoral fin is strong (Fig. 110, 1). Reaches a length of 5 m. of residential Forms and the checkpoint form. These fish developed to take care of offspring. Soma build primitive nests from vegetation remnants.Inhabit the waterways of Europe: the Rhine, North to South Finland, and South to Asia Minor. Continue reading

The rain fishing is not a hindrance

The most favorite time of the holiday from the problems of many people is fishing. Picking up the tackle and bait, a fisherman can sit for a couple of hours with a fishing rod, and reflect looking at the scenery of the reservoir. And when this is a decent bite and there are no small catch, the time spent.

Fishing in the rain

The key to successful fishing is the presence of a certain amount of experience and knowledge of the many subtleties. Of course, in any kind of fishing has its own secrets, for example, when you catch a fish on a lure that is quite different than the use for fishing usual hook.

Weather and biting

In order to anticipate or predict upcoming biting weather forecast is the most important factor of all of majority. When the weather forecast stipulates bad, rainy and windy weather, so preparation for the upcoming fishing should be more serious and careful, you need to consider.

The right approach to fishing in the rain

Among various types of fishing and there is fishing in the rain. If the right approach, the fishing can be much more effective from fishing in calm weather. First, good catch depends, if the water is muddy pond. When the water is only slightly changed color, and now has become less transparent, then this is a great sign that the bite in the rain have a good. But when the water becomes very turbid, the result is good you can not wait, just take the time. Continue reading

Beaked Dolphin Black sea

Mammal from the order Cetacea, suborder of toothed whales. In Russia, dolphins are found in waters of the Black, Barents and Baltic seas. Dolphins moving predators that live in groups. They eat fish, mollusks, crustaceans. The dolphins have two jaws with a large number of identical teeth. The animal has a small head with a pointed muzzle. In most individuals there is the dorsal fin. In Russian waters, there are: Atlantic white-sided Dolphin, beaked Dolphin, black sea Afalina.

Atlantic white-sided Dolphin in the waters of our country dwells only in the Barents and Baltic seas. These dolphins prefer warm water, whose temperature varies from 5 to 15°C. they Feed on fish (herring, sand eels, cod, smelt) and cephalopods. In places where there are numerous schools of fish, there are up to thousands of dolphins.

The period of confinement of dolphins falls on may to August. The interval between births is 2 to 3 years. Young individuals are found near the mother for up to 2 years. Females in rare cases, live to be 27 years old, the average age of males is about 20 years. Currently the number of dolphins in Russian waters is not established. The pollution of the seas affects the inhabitants of the seas. Atlantic white-sided Dolphin is listed in Appendix 2 of CITES, Appendix 2 of the Bonn Convention Appendix 2 Berne Convention.

Beaked Dolphin – rare, almost neizuchennyi. He dwells in Russian waters in the Northern and Eastern parts of their range (in the Barents and Baltic seas). Body length is 2.5 – 3 m. the Exact information about the number of this type no. But it is known that beaked Dolphin is often found in the cold waters. Continue reading

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