Garden ponds

Garden pond — one of the most common forms of artificial pond used in the landscape design suburban area. Often the pond is one of the most important elements of the garden, giving the General appearance of the site the completeness or being the center of the composition. A garden pond often ends in a stream, sometimes in the pond to include a fountain or waterfall.

To build a garden pond in a suburban area, you don’t have to dig. Modern construction technology has advanced greatly, so today there are many ways to build a garden pond at his dacha. The method of construction of the reservoir strongly depends on its purpose. Usually garden ponds can be used as a basin near the place of rest, a habitat for various aquatic animals, primarily fish, the pond can be a place of planting ornamental aquatic plants, pond fountain, or an inanimate surface water, which serves to rest the eyes, etc. Some of these types of ponds can be joined together, for example, a place for bathing and still water surface, but some can be implemented only separately. In any case, depending on the purpose of the reservoir that you want to create, everyone can choose for themselves the best method of construction, which is suitable from a financial perspective.

The most obvious way device shadowood is to dig him up. But this method is not always rational, since such ponds have significant drawbacks, the main of which are high cost due to large volume of dredging, the long development of the flora and fauna of the pond because the bottom of the pond are subsurface layers.

Another one of the pretty old and complicated methods of construction of artificial lake — the creation of a concrete bowl. These garden ponds are expensive and will serve for a very long time, but then they are difficult to dismantle or change their shape. Continue reading

The problem of reducing the area of Maritime forests of the Mediterranean

Last week we told you that the European Commission on the environment from June 1 began to conduct stress tests of nuclear power plants located on the territory of the countries-EU members. Less than a week since the beginning of the stress test, as one after the other important decisions were taken. Colazione the German government, which followed potassimu Japan zemletryasenie a magnitude of 9.0 and the subsequent accident at the NPP “Fukushima-1” has stopped some damaged reactors in the country, decided to 2022 to close all German nuclear power plants.

Germany became the first industrial country that decided to abandon nuclear energy, against nuclear energy, which has inflamed with new force after a radiation leak in March from the nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”. According to the decision, stopped seven reactors are restarted, and a large part of the 17 NPP in the country will be stopped by 2021. The German environmental Minister Norbert Röttgen said that the three NPP will be in force during the year in the event of energy shortages. In this regard, the term of the final stop of the nuclear power plant was postponed on 2022. It should be noted that in the list of countries. first place in the number of nuclear power plants are the USA, Germany is in fifth place. 26% of the produced electricity in Germany is accounted for by the NPP. I hope that this is important to the future of our planet toccatina initiative will become an example for other countries in the world.

Have you heard, dear friends, about the existence of “marine forests”, or other words, colonies of seaweed called Posidonia ocean? The oceanic Posidonia grows on the bottom of the Mediterranean sea and is an important part of its ecosystem, saturating the water with oxygen. The Poseidon grow to a depth of 50 m, forming thickets that serve as home to many small species of fish. Continue reading

The Mariana trench and its inhabitants

The Mariana trench is the deepest of the currently known geographic features. Trough stretches along the Mariana Islands for more than 1500 km At the bottom of the trench the water pressure reaches 108.6 MPa!

In 1958, the expedition established the existence of life at depths greater than 7000 meters, thereby disproving the common perception at the time, the idea of the impossibility of life at depths greater than 6000-7000 m. In 1960 it was held immersion bathyscaphe Trieste to the bottom of the Marianas trench to the depth is 10915 m.

The recording sounds the device was to transfer to the surface of the noise-like gnashing of teeth of the saws. At the same time on the TV monitor appeared a vague shadow, like a giant fairy dragons. These creatures had several heads and tails. After an hour, the scientists of the research vessel were worried that the unique equipment, made of beams of heavy-duty titanium-cobalt steel, spherical shape with a diameter of about 9 m, can remain in the abyss forever. It was decided to raise it up. The equipment was recovered from the depths for more than eight hours. As soon as he appeared on the surface, it immediately put on a special raft. Camera and sonar picked up on deck. It turned out that a strong steel construction beams were deformed, and 20-inch steel rope, on which it is being lowered,turned out to be half-sawn. Who tried to leave the unit at depth and why – is a complete mystery.. Continue reading

The problem of reducing the area of Maritime forests of the Mediterranean
Last week we told you that the European Commission on the environment from June 1 began to conduct stress tests of nuclear power plants located on the territory of the…

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Bait for marine fish
As a nozzle for catching saltwater fish are great crabs, shrimp, mussels, sea fleas, sea worms, snails, animal spleen, and pieces of fish. Typically large marine fish prefer to bite…

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Presentation on theme
Sharks (lat. Selachimorpha) is a superorder of cartilaginous fish comprising eight teams, twenty families and about 350 species. Members of the superorder widely distributed in all seas and oceans, there…

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