About fishes in the pond

In recent times, often on private land, you notice blue saucers garden ponds. They are different in shape and size. However, one thing is true: backyard ponds – the best decoration of the property. Many accessories to help decorate and maintain the pond in an attractive and neat way. Pumps, filters, underwater lights, water fountains are relatively inexpensive. And it allows, doing its own without much cost to build a pond on any plot. No garden can be so small that it was no place for a small pond. Even a small pond in the garden brings great joy and practical benefits to both gardeners and lovers of contents pond fish.

The beauty of well-designed pond is simply impossible to break away. It is difficult to explain why water is so mesmerizing person. Your guests can indifferently pass by the flowerbeds or shrubs, but always near a well-tended pond, especially if it is inhabited by fish. They make a pond come alive. Monitoring diving and a pop-up fish – a holiday that is extremely useful to restore the nervous system and normalize blood pressure. Respect and love, you can train any fish to feed from your hands.

But note that the content of backyard pond can be difficult. Most importantly, we have a great desire and acquire the necessary information for the care of aquatic plants and fish.

The main challenge for owners is to ensure in backyard pond better living conditions for the fish. If it succeeds fully, it is possible to obtain remarkable results – a healthy fish will be long to please vivid color and energetic behavior. Remember, the population of the pond fishes and their continued detention is a very serious matter. First of all, you need to be patient. Perhaps there will be setbacks, such as Zamora, algal blooms. However, if you are to take care of your garden pond, such troubles can be avoided. Continue reading

The best aquariums in the world.

The depths of the sea a long time attracted humanity with its mysteries. It is home to bizarre creatures: unusual fish, animals, more like plants, and numerous molluscs. Besides, man explored the depths of the sea just five percent, but what we know about sea creatures that will last for many years of hard study. But let’s leave research to the scientists, and they will go to the best aquariums in the world, to get acquainted with their unusual inhabitants.

1 AQWA, Perth, Australia

Australian AQWA aquarium situated on the West of the continent, boasts painstaking restoration of the natural habitat of local underwater inhabitants. Main tank of the aquarium can accommodate up to three million litres of water, so the exotic fish, even the most enormous, is where to turn.

The main attraction here is the transparent tunnel, which stretches for 98 metres. Through its transparent walls, visitors can see schools of fish frolicking under water, watch sea turtles slow and rapid sharks.

The Oceanarium is divided into five sectors, reflecting the marine flora and fauna of different parts of the Australian coast: the Great southern coast, Perth coast, Marmion Marine Park, Shipwreck Coast and Far North. Continue reading

TOP 10 most dangerous and poisonous inhabitants of the seas and oceans

In the ocean there live the most different animals. According to estimates special expeditions, today, in the ocean there are about 85 thousands of different organisms. And many of them pose a great danger to humans. Get to know the most dangerous of them.

Zebra fish. Lionfish

This fish is found in the Red sea and mainly in the Indian and Pacific oceans. It can be found off the coast of China, Japan or Australia. Her body has a length of 30-40 centimeters. On the body has stripes of light pink color.

The decoration of this fish, considered long ribbon fins. Inside these fins contain poisonous needles. When the prick of this needle, the person immediately loses consciousness and is in deep shock. There is an opinion that this fish can kill a man, but not committed, no case.

In case of contact poison in the human body into convulsions, impaired heart function, and there is a risk of gangrene. The process of poisoning and time after him, is considered to be very heavy.

Cone. Cone snail

This clam lives mainly in the warm waters. Has a special poison gland, which consists of toxic substances. When you touch, the prick of the thorn, and the person from acute pain loses consciousness. It is difficult breathing and the heart muscle. Continue reading

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