Goldfish breeding story

Goldfish History of goldfish breeding Asia has at least a Millennium and originated from children’s hobby to collecting in which the housing was offered and developed in cages, in pens, in wells, in tubs and barrels for all small and medium animals — as the first kind of Pets at home.

In China and Korea over a thousand years ago was engaged in not only fishing, but also breeding and raising goldfish. Over the years of breeding the Chinese fish farmers emerged and established natural mutations with drastic changes in body shape and structure of the fins, the eyes, the structure of the skin and staining fish were obtained decorative forms and color variations, which became the core of most of today’s known species.

The first written mention of the Golden fish with red scales came from China during the reign of the Qing dynasty (265-420 ad). In those days, these fish were spotted in a lake in the mountain Lushan, near the river of the City — near the modern province of Shaanxi, which flows to the South China and Northern Vietnam.[6] In the ancient Chinese treatise Shan Hai Jing, presumably written in the late centuries BC — the beginning of our, there is also a record of the “red carp”. However, there is absolutely no certainty that these wild representatives were the ancestors of segodnyashnaya fish. It is assumed that the red coloration was obtained as a result of purposeful breeding work first pet lovers and falls on the reign of the Tang dynasty (618-907 years of the new era). Continue reading

“Calypso” and the corals”, Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Described in the book “the silent world” (the shark that attacked Cousteau and Dumas is, apparently, the oceanic whitetip shark. Characteristic for this kind of long pectoral fins, the snout short and broadly rounded, with a white spot, the apex of the dorsal fin, along with a greatly elongated upper lip and a large, scalloped posterior edge of the caudal fin, in good agreement applied in the book and photographs contained in her description. The oceanic whitetip shark is common in tropical waters of the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea. This is a pelagic shark of the open sea, rarely found above a depth of less than 180-200 m. this is Probably why it was new for Cousteau familiar with the fishes of the coastal zone, and he found it difficult to identify its species name. It reaches a length of 4 m (and possibly more); noted her courage in relation to being in water people, it is considered dangerous.

Alcyonaria — eight numerous group of colonial anthozoans (coelenterates type) that forms colonies of mostly wrong tree forms, common in both tropical and in temperate and Northern seas.

Antigone — poluprovodn the widespread pink or red fish, high laterally compressed body which have in profile the shape of a rhombus. Dostigayutsya 15-20 cm, occurring at depths from 60 to 1000 m.

Barracuda . or Sea pike is a predatory sea fish, resembling the body shape of our regular pike. It has a long snout, a large mouth is equipped with in front of several powerful klinovidnye teeth. Common in warm seas, in the Black sea rarely comes in one small look. Large species reaching 180 cm in length and 45 kg in weight; there are known cases of attacks on humans. Continue reading


Sharks belong to the order of elasmobranch.

Their length ranges from 0.2 m (Black barbed) up to 20 m (giant). Shark is widely distributed, mainly in tropical seas.

The story of the gifts of the ocean would be incomplete if not to mention the meat of sharks. It is used in food many of the peoples inhabiting the shores of the seas and oceans. Fin soup sharks since ancient times is considered as a delicacy, like a turtle.

From the skins of sharks previously made a very expensive shagreen skin. In some countries of Asia and Africa of durable and beautiful leather sharks make even shoes and haberdashery. The dried skin of sharks is used for polishing of precious wood and brushing the felt.

From the liver of sharks get fat, reaching for food, medical and technical purposes. Finally, the shark teeth are used as Souvenirs, and from the spines make canes, from the skeleton – glue. This is the range of use of sharks in the economic life of man.

Shark meat has long been valued in different countries of the world, and many did not even know that they praise the shark meat since it was sold under various names. For example, from Turkey in pre-revolutionary Russia, the fishermen brought Balik from shark-Katran, presenting them balyk of sturgeon. U.S. fish sticks of porbeagle and Mako shark sold under the form of sticks made of the swordfish. Shark meat soup, processed food paint, sold in some countries as macrosomia, shark meat-foxes and other sharks — as meat halibut, Croaker, cod, etc. Continue reading

"Calypso" and the corals", Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Described in the book "the silent world" (the shark that attacked Cousteau and Dumas is, apparently, the oceanic whitetip shark. Characteristic for this kind of long pectoral fins, the snout…

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Learn dangerous fishes of the red Sea
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The greatest myths of modern times, Sharks
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