Learn dangerous fishes of the red Sea

The red sea is a unique tropical sea with a variety in beauty and in number the representatives of the underwater world. Its distinguishing feature is that it is located closest to Europe. It is not surprising that in the ports of international tourist centers of Egypt very often you can find comfortable yachts from Germany, Italy, UK, Malta, France, and other countries.

In the waters of the red sea there are over 1250 species of mammals, marine fish, corals, and other inhabitants of sea fauna.

The great Russian artist Bilibin, during his travels through the Red sea, called it “shark soup”.

Red sea, unlike other seas of the world ocean, has practically the same warm water temperature both on the surface and in depth. In the area of the Sudan at a depth of 2870 m recorded water temperature +50° C – that is truly “shark soup”.

Consider the main representatives of the red sea, which you are likely to meet. floating with a mask and snorkel, or diving on the diving:

Lionfish is a genus of marine fish squad skorpenoobraznyh. Got the name because of the numerous ray-like plumage in which there are poisonous glands. The poison in these glands is stored for a long time, even after the death of the fish.

Lionfish are a relaxed lifestyle, come out to hunt at dusk. Live in corals, caves and shallow water. Inadaptats on the hook.

Fish-urchin — sea fish living in Red sea, Indian and Pacific oceans. Named because of the presence of large numbers of spines and spikes. I live near the bottom at depths up to 150 m. fish Meat is considered poisonous.

Their body can swell like a Blowfish (fish-Orb).

Fish-stone . Bearded scorpenes – reaches a length of 15-18 cm Inhabits depths up to 16 m. Well camouflaged, blends in with the surrounding environment. Many well-known film “Blue lagoon”. Inhabits the Red sea, the Indian ocean.

After the injection needs urgent medical care.

The triggerfish — sea coral fish. Known 11 genera of trigger, which contains 30 species.

The first dorsal fin is very powerful and can get in the hollow. Jaw Church with two, three and four teeth in different species.

Most famous is the Picasso Triggerfish with a greenish colour and multi-colored stripes around the head in the region of the eyes.

Rays electric — detachment of the cartilaginous fish, having the property to produce an electric current up to 30 A and a power of from 50 to 230 volts. In the unit 4 genera and 69 species of rays. Satov length up to 2 meters, max vec–100 kg. Live at the bottom. There is evidence that these fish are found at depths up to 1000 meters.

The ramp produces an electric shock when the predator’s attack, the event of immediate danger, i.e. in defence. These arms they stun the enemy.

Some of the stingrays (stingrays) at the end of the caudal fin, a poisonous thorn.

Crocodile fish is a genus of Moray, of the family scorpaenidae.

Poisonous glands are located in the needles and scales. The outside looks like a small crocodile. Sometimes local fishermen as exotic saltwater crocodiles are brought to the fish market.

Fish-crocodiles grow to 1 m. the more Often an individual 30-40 cm long Dwell at depths from 2 to 40 m, often found the remains of sunken ships.

Another name — spotted Moray.

Surgeon fish is a dangerous fish for humans from sharp plates disposed at the ends of the tail fin. The sharpness of the caudal plates is comparable with surgical scalpel. Pelvic and anal fins have venom glands

Puffers — venomous marine fish that are able to swell when in danger, and inflates as air and water. Because of this ability, some species of Blowfish is known as the FISH-BALL. In Egypt they are lamps.

Spikes, liver, ovaries and skin contain a strong poison. When throwing on the beach, Downing the remains of the flies die. However, marine fish feed on Blowfish without problems.

In the family gloryhole — Puffer fish . who know how to cook only Japanese chefs with a special license.

The venom of the Blowfish reversible (able to be metabolized) blocks sodium channels of membranes of nerve cells, paralyzes the muscles and causes respiratory arrest.

Snail-a cone . Poisonous shellfish that live in the Red sea. The poison contained in the tooth snails with which this predator preys on their victims. A person can lose consciousness when shot this clam. If you do not provide timely assistance, we may face paralysis of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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