Interesting facts about fish

The main reasons for the popularity of clown fish among aquarists. The absence of teeth on the tongue and large oval black spots on the back – one of the hallmarks of pink salmon. The lionfish is one of the brightest representatives of the fauna of coral reefs.

Cat – representatives of a family of mammals Carnivora. A description of the most prominent representatives of the cat family. The habitat of the tiger. The leopard is a typical representative of the vast large of the cat family. The Puma is a large American cat.

A variety of types, shapes, colors, and sizes of marine jellyfish. Features of Medusa Nochesvetka, inhabiting the Mediterranean sea and its living in the warm seas. The danger of the poison of jellyfish (the most venomous sea wasps). The use of jellyfish in medicine.

Morphological description of the family of predaceous diving beetles as representatives of aquatic beetles. The geography of the habitat of representatives of this family. Features the power of life and daily activity of predaceous diving beetles. The analysis of the evolution of rakoobraznyh fauna.

Study the amazing and diverse life in the ocean depths. A variety of shells, rare species of fish, corals and plants living in the ocean. Description of the many exotic inhabitants of the underwater world. Underwater expedition scuba divers.

Characteristics of isotopomer of the Republic of Adygea. Species composition of fish in rivers and lakes. A variety of classes in the fauna of amphibians. The class description, type, category of security, significance, habitats, biology and abundance of carp, newts and trout.

Strong sting and poison from fire ants, which is similar to a burn from a flame. Ticks as the largest group in the class Arachnida. Habitat and biological features of lonomia – the most dangerous caterpillars in the world. The shape of beetles, turtles.

General characteristics of suborder snakes, their main types. Ten most dangerous snakes in the world. The behavior of the serpent: movement. Breeding and keeping snakes, interesting facts about them. The use of snake venoms in small dosage for medical purposes.

Theoretical information about the biology of the species, the habitat and spawning, nutrition, achieved the size and technology of cultivation of rare species of fish EAO. Black Amur bream, yellowfin melkogalechnyj, geltek, black Cupid, Soldatov catfish, Mandarin fish, Chinese perch.

Rafflesia as the most unusual plant in the world: the color of DIN, especially the aroma. Characteristics of evergreen Redwoods. The prickly pear Bigelow as one of the most amazing species of the genus Opuntia of the family Cactaceae. General information about Venus fly trap plant.

A brief overview and characteristics of the family and representatives of the order Cetacea, which includes characteristics of the organization and the specific behavior features of other types. Description of their origin, habitats and the digestive system of mammals.

The study of members of the class “cartilaginous fish”, characteristic of the elasmobranch subclass, litoceramika or holocephala fishes. Distinctive features of the representatives of different orders and families of this class are: sharks, rays; their characteristics.

Characteristics of a detachment of bony fish: salmon, herring, sturgeon, Cypriniformes, Perciformes. A description of the origin, examples, the image and appearance of these fish. The analysis of the structure and description of the main representatives of these units.

Ponsideration of the biological peculiarities of some oilseeds, spices, medicinal and food plants of the cruciferous family. The study of dicotyledonous vegetable and cereal crops grown in the world. The weed species of herbs of the family Cruciferae.

Ichthyology – the science that studies fish. The external structure of Cypriniformes, their representatives. Of fish in water bodies of Ukraine. Types of predatory fish. Piranhas that live in the rivers of South America. The body length of the electric eel. Tropical Cypriniformes species with bright colouring.
The origin and domestication of cats. The health of animals. The nature and characteristics of the behavior of individual species: British longhair, York chocolate, the Nibelung, Sacred of Burma, Chantilly-Tiffany, Chinchilla. Caring for cats. Interesting facts of life.
Description of predators of the families canids, bear, raccoon, mustelids and felids, widespread on the territory of Belarus. Typical of these habitats, abundance, diet, lifestyle, and reproduction. The danger of some animal species to humans.

The etymology of the name, conditions of detention, the types and varieties of Saintpaulia, which is one of the most common representatives of the family Gesneriaceae in indoor horticulture. Characteristics of planting and breeding, preparation of earthen mixtures, care, feeding.

The degree of infestation by metacercariae of opisthorchid carps in reservoirs and rivers on the territory of Gomel and the Gomel area of Belarus. Determining the intensity of infection by metacercariae of fishes. Characteristics of pathogens trematodozov.
Insects as the most species-rich group of animals. The diversity of their types and habitats, causes of proliferation and the value of human life. The physical properties and the ability of some insect species to extreme conditions.

Tackle and methods of fishing
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The silver carp is a large schooling fish of the family Cyprinidae. English name silver carp, which means silver carp. With your mouth filter apparatus, carp profiltruyte from detritus blooming,…

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