General information about aquarium fish for beginners.

Aquarium fish, by definition, live and breed in the aquarium. For the most part, people have fish for decoration, but in some cases they are specially bred for sale. Ornamental fish in natural conditions live in subtropical and tropical fresh waters, and obliges the owner of the aquarium to maintain appropriate habitat conditions with a high temperature water environment.

Many aquarium fish have odd shapes, small sizes and bright colors, for which they are highly appreciated in the decorative plan. The most popular are goldfish, which as if came to us from the famous fairy tale. In the Russian realities aquarium fish is ecosublime, Cypriniformes and Perciformes orders. Well, most often in aquariums of our residents can meet angelfish, barbs, catfish and nannostomusy.

If you are new to the aquarium thing, we might think that fish is an extremely stupid water creatures. In fact, they are bought only for beauty and decoration, so the mind is required. Moreover, some people consider fish not as living beings but as a real decorative object. Only with time come to them the idea that in the aquarium swim real Pets, for which poznavatelnoe very interesting to watch. Aquarium fish are often attracted to genetic research, resulting in new and very beautiful variety.

To do fish, you can not only adults but also children. For the latter category is especially useful, since communication with aquatic animals, develops psychological comfort and establishes emotional contact. Simultaneously, children develop skills and a sense of responsibility. Fish can even be affected person on a physiological level. In the process of monitoring the normalization of blood pressure, disappears stress, calms heart.

Choosing an aquarium, you need to adequately represent the optimal form in which the fish will be evenly distributed throughout the space, and to get enough oxygen. For example, if you keep the fish in the aquarium form “glass”, it is possible her first death, precisely because of irregular shape of the tank. A large amount of water gets the minimum amount of oxygen, and the fish develop disease of the nervous system. In addition to a large open surface, it is necessary to calculate the correct volume of the aquarium. A centimeter length of a single fish should be consumed two liters of water. Read more about how to choose an aquarium for beginners you can read here:

As for water temperature, it is different for different fish. Tropical dwellers like warmer water than those in subtropical regions. The main thing is to ensure that the temperature in the tank is not changed too abruptly. The range must be between 20-26 degrees. The aquarium should contain a backlight, which will encourage the mobility of ornamental fish. Furthermore, without lighting the fish will not be able to see the entire feed, with the result that they will be hungry, and the tank will be contaminated. Don’t forget that lighting helps the plants to grow and to perform photosynthesis.

If fish are discovered infectious disease, the aquarium need to handle special drugs, then change the water. Leave the tank to air out for a day, and only after that populate the fish back.

Feed the fish twice a day. The amount of feed should provide continuous feeding for ten minutes. Adult fish need to be given food, whose weight is 3 per cent of its own weight. Feeding should be done in a certain time, which compiled a special schedule. Underfeeding is better to fish than to overfeed. Remember that the water is warm, and the food in it spoils quickly. At best, the excess of food will simply pollute the aquarium. In the worst case, the fish will eat spoiled food and could be poisonous.

Often, home aquarium fish obesity is also observed. The person is able to go on a diet. Fish such afford can’t. Many fish eat literally all they give. So about rationing feeding aquarium inhabitants will have to look for you. Obesity can lead to infertility that is worth considering for people who want to breed aquarium fish.

Experts recommend once a month do not feed the inhabitants of your aquarium. The fish food produced a conditioned reflex. If before each feeding you will be pounding your finger on the aquarium, then soon they will just come to your knock. And without knocking they won’t be.

Fish reproduce sexually. The male has testes in which spermatozoa are produced. The female has ovaries, where the aging of fish eggs. Fertilization of fishes is called spawning. It can be both internal and external.

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