Garden ponds

Garden pond — one of the most common forms of artificial pond used in the landscape design suburban area. Often the pond is one of the most important elements of the garden, giving the General appearance of the site the completeness or being the center of the composition. A garden pond often ends in a stream, sometimes in the pond to include a fountain or waterfall.

To build a garden pond in a suburban area, you don’t have to dig. Modern construction technology has advanced greatly, so today there are many ways to build a garden pond at his dacha. The method of construction of the reservoir strongly depends on its purpose. Usually garden ponds can be used as a basin near the place of rest, a habitat for various aquatic animals, primarily fish, the pond can be a place of planting ornamental aquatic plants, pond fountain, or an inanimate surface water, which serves to rest the eyes, etc. Some of these types of ponds can be joined together, for example, a place for bathing and still water surface, but some can be implemented only separately. In any case, depending on the purpose of the reservoir that you want to create, everyone can choose for themselves the best method of construction, which is suitable from a financial perspective.

The most obvious way device shadowood is to dig him up. But this method is not always rational, since such ponds have significant drawbacks, the main of which are high cost due to large volume of dredging, the long development of the flora and fauna of the pond because the bottom of the pond are subsurface layers.

Another one of the pretty old and complicated methods of construction of artificial lake — the creation of a concrete bowl. These garden ponds are expensive and will serve for a very long time, but then they are difficult to dismantle or change their shape.

The same applies to plastic garden ponds ready-made forms. Now on sale you can find a huge number of finished forms of any kind, which is set in advance in dug-sized pit, cover with soil, add water and garden pond ready. Fast and convenient, but there are limitations on the size of the shape (about 2 x 1.5 x 0.5 m). Such artificial reservoirs are of small size, quite durable, but not suitable for all types of garden ponds, besides their shape cannot be changed.

For those who are prone to frequent change and addition of space, there is one of the most versatile ways of creating a garden pond with the help of modern plastic materials. Today you can find a wide range of PVC films, which carpeted the bottom of the reservoir. The film thickness depends on the depth of the pond: if menee,5 m, thickness up to 1 mm if greater than 1.5 m, from 1.5 mm lifetime of the PVC films is 10-15 years, which is quite enough, especially if the garden pond is periodically amended and supplemented. There are more long-lived (15-20 years) a butyl rubber film that can be used to create larger bodies of water.

To make a garden pond-based films required a special material on which this film is applied to prevent damage by rocks or roots of trees. This construction material is a geotextile that was developed to achieve sustainability of the soil under the road surface.

In the end, the whole process of building a garden pond-based film is as follows:

Determines the size of the pit, which should be somewhat larger than the size of the pond depends on its depth. The process of digging a pit. For greater stability the banks garden pond, ditch digging rows of terraces of a certain size and grade. Poured and tamped layer of sand. The geotextile is laid, and over it film. Is filled with water that the film sagged and filled out all the bumps as long as the water is put volume. Then the edges of the film are cut off. The pond bottom is filled with coarse sand, stones, aquatic plants are planted, the shores are decorated according to the plan of creation of the reservoir.

Depending on the purpose of the garden pond, the still water surface can be revived with the help of a fountain, stream or waterfall. If you install the fountain, it should be noted that not all aquatic plants and fish can normally exist in conditions of water spray.

To garden pond is not stagnant, you need to take care of his aeration. For this stream, which will also enliven the surface of the water body. You can make the stream ended in a waterfall on the pond. To ensure continuity of flow of water at the bottom of the pond is placed a submersible pump, which pumps water through the hose to the source of the stream. Depending on the desired width of the stream channel and the strength of his chosen flow capacity of the pump and the hose diameter.

Important attention should be paid to the cleaning water in the garden pond. If you connect the source of the stream, waterfall or fountain to the pump through the special in-line filter, it is possible to solve this problem.

Garden pond is one of the most beautiful and important elements in landscape design. Today there are many technologies and methods of construction of pond in a suburban area, so, when you have sufficient space, create an artificial pond of this type is not difficult.

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