Environmental problems of the White sea

White sea belongs to the basin of the Arctic ocean and represents a huge reservoir polutoratonny. Seas of this type are relatively few. Similar characteristics possess Black sea, the Mediterranean, the Baltic and Hudson Bay. White sea is the smallest of them. It is divided into two unequal parts – the Northern (outer) and southern (inner). They are joined by a relatively narrow Strait, also called the throat.

In modern times, few bodies of water that don’t pollute and the White sea is no exception. Anthropogenic pollution of the White sea began immediately after the occurrence on its shores of a man and eventually became so significant that the consequences can be observed today.

In a relatively short era of navigation, some areas of the bottom, especially in small lips, where it is convenient to stand during the storm, were so covered with coal slag, which still have not recovered destroyed the bottom biocenoses. These environmental problems of the White sea cannot be considered modern, though harm from them not less.

The woodworking industry has no less impact on the ecology of the White sea. Wastes at sawmill one keretsky industrialist, was filled in the Strait between the two Islands on which it is located.The forest industry is one of the key environmental problems of the White sea.

Splavlyaya rivers neoradical forest, leaves its contribution to the pollution of the rivers. The bark rots and falls off into the rivers, covering the bottom. In some places the covering layer reaches two meters. This prevents the propagation of salmon and other fish too. Rotting wood takes oxygen from the water, instead of producing decomposition products that are not related to the prosperity of life. Decomposition products are carried into the sea. Part of the organic matter carried in the Barents sea, the main part accumulates in the White sea, and this is not a good environmental factor. The pulp and timber industry pollute sea mainly phenols, lignosulfate and methyl alcohol.

When hauling wood for woodworking factories, the majority of logs behind the rafts and after a long sea travel approaches the shores. In some sections of the coastal zone formed the whole cemetery logs which are rotting there for decades.

The mining industry is not less than the forest helps create environmental problems for the White sea. To a greater extent pollutants are lead, copper, zinc, Nickel, chromium. The fact that many heavy metals accumulate in marine plants and animals, making them poisonous. Fortunately in the White sea don’t yet have. But if the pollution of this kind will be continued all the same rate, eat the gifts of the White sea will be dangerous. Rains in Belomorsky region acidified. Although they carry a weak acid, they are harmful to freshwater bodies, and coastal biocenoses of the population. Directly sea, the particular risk they carry, because the acid equilibrium in sea water to move rather than just.

Well, like the rest of sea, White, are negatively affected as a result of ingress of seawater oil. It is known to all modern pollutant called “black gold”. Technical oil and fuel drained in many different ways, but the main is the leak from the tank farms. Oil more terrible in its physical properties than chemical. Feathers becoming wet in this thick liquid, the insulating layer and lose the ability to fly, causing the birds to die either from starvation or from the cold. The oil film prevents the normal exchange of oxygen with water. Fortunately, most spilled oil can relatively quickly assemble and dismantle. What remains in the sea, break the waves in clumps and sinks to the bottom, where later covered by sediments and neutralized. Such oil clumps over time destroy the bacteria.

Small entering water this product is much more dangerous to the environment. As bad as “black gold” is not dissolved by water, yet this process over time occurs. Thus, the poisonous substances contained in this product black and fall into the hydrosphere. Not immediately causing harm, they are included in the circulation of substances and cause marine flora and fauna of various diseases. This is a time bomb, and besides, still and invisible. Invisible, of course, in quotes. The oil spill caused by accidents of tankers that are occurring in the White sea.

Agriculture compared with other industries, less harm. It is developed in Pomerania poorly. Basically, it adds to the saltwater pool, sewage from animal farms, pesticides and some fertilizers. However, while there is no particular threat to the White sea and from the ingress of synthetic detergents. But the White sea is not immune from this in the future.

Speaking about the assessment of the environmental problems of the White sea, not be amiss to mention figures, albeit approximate, but still. Every year in the White sea receives about 100 thousand tons of sulfates, and 0.750 synthetic detergents, phenols and 0,150 100 thousand tons of fuel and lubricants. So, the annual pollution of the White sea can be estimated at about 800 thousand tons to one million.

And anyway, the White sea is still relatively clean. Perhaps the pure pond of its kind in the world. But the development of mankind serves as a catalyst for the creation of environmental problems of the white sea region.

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