Dangerous animals of the Black sea

The black sea the friendly sea, there is almost never found dangerous for animals. Those are just a few of the inhabitants of the Black sea. that can cause us trouble.

The history of the Black sea shows that man is much more dangerous for the sea and its inhabitants than they are for him

In Black sea there are two kinds of bet — the Scorpion Scorpaena notata noticeable, it is not more than 15 centimeters in length, and black sea Scorpion Scorpaena porcus — up to half — but such a big meet is deeper, farther from shore. The main difference between the black sea Scorpion fish — long, to fit the flaps, the supraorbital tentacles. The Scorpion fish these visible growths short.

The wounds from the spikes Scorpion fish cause burning pain, the injections is red and swollen, then malaise, fever, and your stay is for a day or two interrupted. If you have suffered from thorns ruff — contact your doctor. Wounds should be treated, as ordinary scratches. The main symptoms of poisoning with poison of sea perch — local inflammation (where pricked) and General allergic reaction. Therefore, the only tablets that can help are anti-Allergy (antihistamine) drugs — remember that you need to adhere strictly to the instructions for use of tablets, which apply to all of the drugs. Deaths from injections scorpene known. Accidentally on it too, no one comes and we suffer from its barbs curious divers and anglers, when you shoot a ruff with the hook or removed from the network. Incidentally, the marine fish is very tasty fish, just clean it carefully — the poison persists even Scorpion fish, polievka in the fridge.

Jellyfish immobilize or even kill their prey (small planktonic animals, fish larvae) with the help of special stinging cells: in them is hidden a capsule of poison and United with it, sharp and jagged spear, rolled into a tight spring. The spring unbends, and poisoned spear pierces the victim’s body when she touches the sensitive hairs on the surface of the stinging cells — a kind of trigger, or the trigger of this weapon. In the victim’s body of a hollow sharp tip of the spear breaks off, and from it, as from the tube, poured a paralyzing poison. A stinging cell is a disposable weapon, once fired, it bursts and dies.

Kornerot jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo) in the black sea. It is easily distinguished by the fleshy, bell-like, the dome and a heavy beard of the mouth of the blades underneath. These lace on the blades and are poisonous stinging cells. Try to circumnavigate their side; but generally the usual nettle burns stronger than kornerot.

Another major black sea Medusa Aurelia (Aurelia aurita). Its stinging cells are weaker, the skin on the body they do not penetrate, but burn the mucous membranes of the eyes or the edges of the lips, Aurelia can hurt, so it’s best not to throw jellyfish at each other. Stinging cells Aurelia — on fringe of small tentacles fringing the edge of the dome of the jellyfish. If you touch a jellyfish, even a dead — rinse — there may be stinging cells, and then if You RUB their eyes to get burned.

Marine fish, black sea Scorpion Scorpaena porcus. This is a real monster — big head covered with protuberances, horns, bulging red eyes, huge mouth with thick lips. The rays of the dorsal fin transformed into a sharp spines, which the Scorpion, if interrupted, spreads; at the base of each beam — toxic-iron. This is a ruff protection from predators, his weapon of defence. And the weapon of attack — jaws with many sharp curves the teeth are designed for careless fish, approached the Scorpion on the distance of its swift, violent throw. All kind of Scorpion fish is said about its danger; and at the same time, she is beautiful — and there are Scorpion fish are very different colors — black, grey, brown, crimson, yellow, pink…

These prickly predators lurk among the rocks, under the seaweed, and, like all bottom fish, change color to the color of their environment, can quickly lighten or darken depending on light conditions. Hide the Scorpion and numerous outgrowths, spikes and leathery tentacles that transforms her into one of the stones is covered with marine vegetation. Therefore, it is difficult to notice, and she relies on his “invisible” presence that floats (or rather, flies away like a bullet from a gun!) only if you approach it closely. Sometimes you can even touch — but this is exactly what not to do — that’s enough! Interesting, lying on the surface of the water and breathing through a tube, watch the Scorpion fish hunting…

Weeverfish Trachinus draco. Elongated, similar to a snake, with a large angular head, bottom fish. Like other benthic predators, the dragon has bulging eyes on the top of the head and a huge, greedy mouth. Sea dragon (sometimes the fishermen call it — snake) prefers soft soils, sand, silt, in which it buries itself, waiting for prey — small fish; above the bottom remain only his watchful evil eye. Sensing the danger, dragon, spreading a black fan of the dorsal fin, five rays of which the poisoned spines. Another poisonous thorn grows backward from the Gill cover. The Mediterranean resorts vacationers occasionally stepping on buried in the sand prickly dragons, but our black sea beaches, such cases have not yet been. Fishermen are sometimes injured when caught in his net or line fishing. The consequences of the poisonous prick of a dragon — much more serious than in the case of Scorpion fish, but the treatment is the same.

Stingray, sea cat Dasyatis pastinaca. Stingrays — relatives of sharks, they also belong to the cartilaginous fish: the spine and ribs, and the skull of cartilage. The sides of the Stingray there — only the back and belly, top and bottom.

Fortunately, sea cats are timid, afraid of the noise, trying to swim away from swimmers and there, where bathe children, they are not. And in the spring on sandy shallow water can often be found moving over the plain bottom, smoothly zmajevima wings of stingrays. Roamed and the ramp slides to the bottom and, raising a little cloud of sand by flapping of his wings, just covers things yourself, becoming completely invisible.

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