Bait for marine fish

As a nozzle for catching saltwater fish are great crabs, shrimp, mussels, sea fleas, sea worms, snails, animal spleen, and pieces of fish.

Typically large marine fish prefer to bite on the fry, fish fillet served, but also on crabs and shrimps (mackerel, sea cocks, Napoleon fish, flounder, etc.). Worms and maggots are suitable as a nozzle for catching smaller fish — sea bass, perch, goby, mullet, etc.

The lure of crab will attract primarily sea perch, wrasse, and goby. Crabs can be caught with hands in the coastal rocks. There is another effective method of catching crabs: tie to the edge of the twine or thick twine a piece of raw meat or fish and drop the bait between the rocks. Crabs will react to such a treat and clung to him. Crab meat can be stored in the freezer for a few days, before attachment to the hook it should be defrosted. Live crab can be stored for a short time in a bucket of cold water and seaweed in a cool dark place. On a hook baited with meat crab by removing the claws.

Shrimp is an indispensable nozzle for saltwater fish with a float and bottom fishing rods. Mined shrimp in the thickets of seaweed, as well as in freshwater reservoirs of the Far East. Krevetochnoyi normally using nets, in which as bait, put the pieces of bread and meat. Nets set in the thickets of sea grass at a depth of 3-4 m Caught shrimp wrapped in wet cloth and stored in a cool place. To save the shrimp for a few days, they are boiled or salted. Shrimp skewer on the hook (for fishing) or using only the neck (for small).

Another great bait for marine fish — mussels. They live on large rocks, wholly or partially covered by water, on piles of bridges. Mussel shells can also be found in shallow waters or in the coastal zone. Harvested mussels: gently with a knife, open the shell and get the meat laid out on a plate for a few hours: mussels must drain fluid, which absorbs the wood. The procedure is best done in the shade, but in a well-ventilated place. Mussels stored in wet gauze napkins in a cool place for several days.

Stick to the mussels should be as follows: winding the hook several times, each time piercing them meat, so that the bait is securely held and does not come off.

The snail lives on bushes and herbs, growing near water, it is well peck marine predators. Snails collected, shells split, and the meat is securely pushed onto the hook. For nozzles use large snails, as they are better kept on the hook and slip less than small.

Medium-sized fish can be caught on sea fleas. The favorite habitat of these organisms is washed ashore on the beach seaweed.

Sea worms are attracted to almost any marine fish. They live in estuaries, harbours, water under the stones, in the mud. After the extraction the worms should be washed and store in a jar with shredded seaweed and a lid with air holes. For long term storage you should use a wooden box with damp sand, seaweed, with the addition of crushed charcoal. The box should be tightly covered with a lid with holes.

When the nozzle is pierced with worms a few times: so reliable they keep on the hook. Small hooks can stick pieces of marine worm and catch him a small fish.

Gobies, flounder, mullet, seabream and other marine fish is the perfect pecking at the pieces of the spleen allowed. As a nozzle also use animal guts and skin. This bait is convenient because it can be used in cheese and canned form. For long-term storage of the spleen should be pickle: liberally RUB it with salt and put under the press (as the press to use heavy stone), to stand three days, then store in a glass jar in a cool place. Spleen before mounting then cut into long narrow pieces. Each piece is placed on the hook like a worm, sting should look outside.

Hook size depends on the size of the nozzle, and the size of fish you intend to catch. For catching large fish, it is recommended to combine the bait, we have to stick to the one major hook different types of bait. For example, it is possible to impose simultaneously a piece of small fish, sea worms and crab meat, shrimp or mussels. Experienced fishermen also suggest that you to flavor the nozzle before launching it into the sea. Fish has a good sense of smell, and the pleasant smell of the bait can cause her appetite. As a means to add flavor to the nozzle, you can use honey, anise oil, garlic, musk, sugar, salt, various spices.

You should remember the rule, the failure of which will significantly complicate the fishing. The orifice size must match the size of the hook. For example, if you took the middle hook, and the attachment should not be too big or too small. If planted small hook big bait, the fish is very difficult to reel in. A small nozzle on a large hook is unlikely to attract fish. Therefore, the nozzle should close the main part of the hook, and the stinger should protrude a little outwards.

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