Amazing creatures of the seas and oceans

The sea depths are full of mysteries and inhabited by amazing creatures, which are discussed today.

The largest animal on the planet living in the ocean is the whale. Despite the fact that he is huge, its throat is very small, and the mouth was blocked by Horny plates with fringed edges, which is also called whalebone.

This is baleen for straining food. And eats whale: typing in the jaws of sea water, he filters it through baleen, like a huge sieve.

Water is strained and poured, and small animals – crustaceans and fish, stay inside the pharynx. And though the whale lives in the ocean, he is not a fish – he’s a big marine animal. Female whales feed their young babies with milk, and breathe, the whales, and terrestrial animals – air.

And then there are the toothed whales called sperm whales. They have whalebone is not available, but grow the huge jaws and sharp teeth. The sperm whale dives deep in the sea and get those teeth of an octopus or squid.

Stars are not only high in the sky, but in the depths of the ocean. These stars live, they are called sea stars. Sea stars feed on mollusks. They crawl on the ocean floor, moving their limbs, similar to Lusikisiki and looking for prey. And when you stumble upon a conch shell, grab her with its rays, and peeping through the casement, start to eat the soft contents.

Dolphins belong to the family of toothed whales, but they are many times less than their counterparts. It is believed that dolphins are the most intelligent of marine animals. And no wonder they love working trainers in marine circuses. And dolphins are great swimmers, and can outrun even the fastest ship. Dolphins never abandon their kin and keep them afloat for a long period of time if they are sick or injured, so that the victim could breathe the air. Even there were cases, when these intelligent animals saved, therefore, people taking them for a sick Dolphin. Dolphin eats small fish. He has great vision, and he constantly sends out a sound signal which is reflected off any obstacles in the way of the Dolphin. The signal is an audible echo when speaking to a Dolphin that is found: rocks, seaweed, or the long-awaited fish.

Fish – the saw is so named because it has a very long nose which has sharp ivory teeth. Will covernet sawfish his nose the bottom and find their food. And in the event of an emergency, the nose becomes quite a formidable weapon.

There are some fish that are called hangers. They swim very poorly, so I try to ride on someone faster, for example, on the large shark. On the head of remoras have special suction Cup, with which she sticks to the shark’s body, traveling with her. Eats the remnants of food stuck shark.

If among the largest marine animal is the whale, among the largest fish would be a whale shark. This huge fish can reach 20 meters in length. This shark eats only small herring, so for humans it is not dangerous.

The hammerhead shark is also a species of shark. Called it so because the head of the shark resembles a real hammer. This shark is dangerous and can even attack not too careful swimmers.

In the ocean there are fish that can fly. Why it is called flying fish. Overclocking this fish under water and would leap high into the air, spreading his fins-wings. So she is saved from danger and can fly like a little plane a few hundred meters above the water surface.

Different fish swimming in the ocean. There is even one that produces electricity. This electric rays, which can strike quite a strong electric discharge. They used their weapons, how to hunt for small fish and protection from dangerous marine predators. The Stingray shot is so strong that it can knock out even humans. True scat is able to hit electricity only once, then he has a long time to store energy.

Octopi are very strange creatures. They are called cephalopods because the legs grow directly from your scalp. Although these legs are more like arms and tentacles with powerful suction cups, which it grabs the prey. These tentacles an octopus has eight pieces. Touch it suction cups to the fish, and he will stick tightly to the tentacle. Move the octopus can be very fast, because it has its own natural jet engine. Rack up octopus water into your water bag and with great force pushes her to the outside, moving in the opposite direction.

The swordfish gets its name from sharp bone of the nose, which indeed resembles a sword. Promptly bursts swordfish in the thick of the shoal of fish and begins to strike the prey right and left his mechanism. The blow of her sword so strong that it could pierce a fishing boat.

People in the ocean. There are even sea horses. Sea horse changes his color and blends into surrounding environment, so that predators are unable to detect it.

And gurnard, in spite of its name to crow, not know how, just loud POPs, like a grasshopper. But he is painted so bright it will give odds to any earthly cock.

We only had a small amount of amazing animals and fish living in the depths of the ocean. Actually varieties of living creatures in the ocean is so huge, how huge and the ocean. Scientists and oceanographers are still discover new kinds of marine life.

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