About fishes in the pond

In recent times, often on private land, you notice blue saucers garden ponds. They are different in shape and size. However, one thing is true: backyard ponds – the best decoration of the property. Many accessories to help decorate and maintain the pond in an attractive and neat way. Pumps, filters, underwater lights, water fountains are relatively inexpensive. And it allows, doing its own without much cost to build a pond on any plot. No garden can be so small that it was no place for a small pond. Even a small pond in the garden brings great joy and practical benefits to both gardeners and lovers of contents pond fish.

The beauty of well-designed pond is simply impossible to break away. It is difficult to explain why water is so mesmerizing person. Your guests can indifferently pass by the flowerbeds or shrubs, but always near a well-tended pond, especially if it is inhabited by fish. They make a pond come alive. Monitoring diving and a pop-up fish – a holiday that is extremely useful to restore the nervous system and normalize blood pressure. Respect and love, you can train any fish to feed from your hands.

But note that the content of backyard pond can be difficult. Most importantly, we have a great desire and acquire the necessary information for the care of aquatic plants and fish.

The main challenge for owners is to ensure in backyard pond better living conditions for the fish. If it succeeds fully, it is possible to obtain remarkable results – a healthy fish will be long to please vivid color and energetic behavior. Remember, the population of the pond fishes and their continued detention is a very serious matter. First of all, you need to be patient. Perhaps there will be setbacks, such as Zamora, algal blooms. However, if you are to take care of your garden pond, such troubles can be avoided.

Now will talk about the inhabitants of the backyard pond. So, you face the question: which fish and how many to have? In the small, small pond and fish, respectively, must be small in size. The winter in this reservoir they can’t. At this time these fish better kept in aquariums.

The most famous and popular of pond fish – Japanese koi and goldfish.

In separate group it is necessary to allocate fish of the carp family. Particularly valued by the Japanese. They brought the main breeds of koi. In Japan they are called “Nishikigoi”, which means “elegant” or “embroidered”. They really painted a very bright red, black, spotted, Golden, therefore, the koi clearly visible in the water. Contain carp koi is not difficult, if the pond has a depth of not less than 1 meter and therefore does not freeze in winter. I note that koi, like all carp, they like to dig up the soil at the bottom of the reservoir, which adversely affects some plants in the pond. Therefore, it is better to press the roots of aquatic plants stones that the fish will not be able to move his powerful mouth. Koi carp grow quickly in the first year of life reaches a size of 15-20 cm, the second 35, the third 50 cm, then the rate of growth is slowing. However, under good conditions, this carp can grow to 80 cm is The biggest known carp koi, nicknamed Big girl (Big Girl) has a size of 120 cm, and its weight is 41 kg.

It is desirable to include in backyard pond fish of the same size, so that between it was not struggle for food.

Many breeds of goldfish were bred in China many centuries ago. Recently breeding and breeding these fish are all over the world. However, not all breeds are suited for keeping in a pond. Only some of them live in an outdoor pond all year round and we provided that its surface is not covered with ice. Such fish include the long-bodied fish with long, forked tail fin, they are called comets. Shubunkin – fish, like comets, but with transparent scales (often called calico, accesoiries). Goldfish delight owners a beautiful shape and bright color – red, Golden, white, pink. Gold fish grow to 30 cm.

If you want to get from the backyard pond tangible benefits, can it be diluted and normal fish (crucian carp, carp, tench, Rudd, etc.). However, these rocks are a pale natural colour, therefore against the dark bottom they are virtually invisible, the pond looks empty. In no event it is impossible to keep ornamental fish together with wild forms. Even if fish do not have visible symptoms, they may prove to be its vector, and external and internal parasites would bring with it necessarily.

When selecting fish for breeding primarily guided by the size of your pond. On one big koi in the size of 50-70 cm need 1 cubic meter of water or the same volume of water will be required for three to five 30-inch carp.

If you have made your choice in favor of a goldfish, rather a pond of rigid forms, which went on sale. They are made of reinforced fiberglass. In this mini-pond with a volume of 600 litres can be kept 10-15 goldfish.

I think I managed to convince you, dear readers, that garden pond to complement your garden and bring you much pleasure.

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