35 tips for cooking fish.

Here You can read 35 tips for cooking fish.

1. When buying fish note: fresh fish sinks in water, stale and splive.

2. Clean the fish very unpleasant: scales badly behind, sticks to the fingers, sprayed on all sides. Therefore it is better to brush in the appropriate bowl (the sink) with cold water.

3. Fish to cut better and easier way:

Clean off the scales and mucus.

If the fish is slippery,and slipping away from the hands, dip fingers in salt and you will be easier to keep it.

4. When cleansed you need to rinse in cold water.

5. To well behind the scales, the fish is lightly wiped with vinegar and wait a few minutes.

6. Difficult to clean the scales of a perch, tench, therefore, scald them or hold for 30 seconds in boiling water, the scales will be easy to separate.

7. Next, cut the belly from head to anus and gut.

8. To remove inside abdomen black film. From the head to remove the gills and eyes.

9. Cut fish should be thoroughly washed with cold water, this is not to leave fish in water for a long time, it loses a lot of valuable and flavour.

10. If eviscerated fish spilled bile, it is necessary immediately, this is the place to RUB with salt and rinse well with cold water.

11. Salted fish should be soaked in running kholodnovidka,warm is not recommended.

12. Frozen ( except salmon trout) fish to thaw them to put in cold salted water.

13. Fillet ice cream. to get more juicy and tasty to thaw at room temperature.

14. Fish during frying will be less to fall apart and crumble in the pan, if its salt for 10 to 15 minutes.

15. Saltwater fish less be overcooked and will taste better if the water add a little vinegar.

16. That fried fish was juicy and had a nice color, pieces of fish for 30-40 minutes before frying to soak in the milk.

17. To under an hour of frying fish was not an unpleasant smell, but vegetable oil, put peeled and sliced potatoes.

18. A fish that smells like Tina. washed in very salty water. Or an hour before frying put the fish in water with vinegar(two tablespoons to one litre of water).

19. In water in which boiled or stewed fish, add spicy vegetables and spices, and cucumber pickle.

20. To fish is well brown, it is necessary before frying to wipe it with a paper towel.

21. To lighten the broth, cooked for jellied fish, you need to put raw egg white in the cooled broth, stir, bring to boil, hold 15 minutes on low heat.

When cool, gently, without shaking, strain through clean gauze.

You should not cook a broth from fish of the carp family, as it has a bitter taste.

22. Delicious and juicy, you can cook fish in foil.

For this cut, salted fish, sprinkle with spices (freshly ground black pepper, Bay leaf), wrapped in foil and placed in a third heated Cabinet.

23. Oily, marine fish( halibut, flounder, catfish) well sour and spicy sauces such as tomato, onion.

For lean fish( cod, hake, mackerel, etc.) – sauces containing butter, mayonnaise, eggs.

24. Delicious sea fish(mackerel, horse mackerel,fish – sword)marinated, but before you fill it, it is best to boil fish, sea bass, cod, flounder, halibut – fry.

25. To sea fish was tasty and juicy, you need 15-20 minutes before frying it sprinkle with wine vinegar or lemon juice.

26.To fish when cooked, kept the shape, tie it and put it belly down in a bowl for cooking.Cook in small quantities and in shallow dishes.

27. Steam fish, boiled tastes better, and it preserves more flavor.

28. To keep portioned fish pieces when cooking. the skin should be done 2-3 incision.

29. When cooking stuffed fish on the bottom of the dish put sliced thinly sliced raw beets, carrots, and – gefilte fish or pieces of stuffed fish.

30. To the broth when cooking for stuffed fish and to give a beautiful color, add saffron or burnt-out husk from the bow.

31. A small amount of ground nutmeg added to the preheated vegetable oil gives the fried fish special specific taste and aroma.

32. Baked fish in the oven, it will be tastier and juicier if it is preliminary to grease with sour cream, mayonnaise and pour over melted butter. And bake in the oven at high temperature (250-280 degrees).

33. For frying fish in deep fat best fat is a mixture consisting of 60% lard and 40% vegetable oil.

34. Dishes by deep-frying should be filled with grease only at 1/2 capacity, so as fat much foam.

35. The dishes smelling of fish it is best to wash in hot water, to which was added 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar.

We will tell and show a video on how to cook shrimp. Will also provide recipes of shrimp.

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